How to make festive pumpkin cupcake parfaits and strudel

Chefs from Georgetown Cupcake and Breads Bakery compete in a friendly fall bake-off on "GMA."
4:27 | 10/26/18

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Transcript for How to make festive pumpkin cupcake parfaits and strudel
It's our fall bake-off. We have two sisters from Georgetown cupcake here. Love your cupcakes so much. They're going head to head with don from breads bakery. Audience, what are we cooking up this morning? Yesterday we worked out with them. Today we're eating them and the winner is taking home the coveted golden pumpkin here. I'll start with you guys. Sophie and Katherine, what are you bringing to the table? So today we are making our pumpkin s'more cupcake parfait. It's the combination of our two favorite fall dessert, pumpkin spice cupcakes and s'mores. That sounds incredible. How are you going to top that? I think our products speak for itself. We have a pumpkin cheesecake strudel. I mean. It's out of this world. So I am dreaming of that. Let's start making this and you say we can make this. These are very easy to make at home. So simple -- We have tasters. Our audience members. Yes. Thank you. You guys are in charge of decide who is taking home the golden pumpkin. Important role today. Continue. To add fun fall festive flair we'll take our glasses and dip them in maple frosting and dip them in some jimmys, fall. Thank you very much. I'm contributing. And we've done the first half so you'll add a tablespoon -- Graham crumbles and start repeating the layers. Graham crumbles. I love that. Hot chocolate sauce. More great -- Hot chocolate ganache. And we have some maple frosting. Yes, go big on that. And then we'll add the top half of our pumpkin, it's already in there and we've got some marshmallow cream and a dollop of whipped cream on the top. For the fun part we have a blowtorch and you get to toast the marshmallow. You get to toast the marshmallow as much as you'd like. Give it a nice brown and tastes like a delicious camfire pumpkin s'more. Do you want to try it? I'm not going to burn myself? Mm-mm. Do you like it? Can we have two winners? I'm just saying that was incredible. You tasted don's. What are they tasteing? We're about to make pumpkin cheesecake strudel. Grab this knife and we'll star scoring just like this. The hook side down. Yes. Score sideways. There you go. Very nice. Just like that. Flip that over and grab this pumpkin cheesecake filling and try not to eat it before and pipe a little bit and keep going. All right. Okay. Very nice. Can we buy premade dough if -- Come to breads bakery and get some premade. I'll make you some pumpkin cheesecake strudel. Close that up. Tiffany's got me in the mood. Close that up just like that. Whatever way you prefer. You're making me nervous. You should be nervous. Now we'll grab a brush with some egg and just going to -- Audience, is this incredible? And then -- We get this beautiful, amazing pumpkin strudel once we bake that. Yep. I believe it is now time for me to ask, should we vote for the Georgetown cupcake parfait situation? If you want the cupcake to win say cupcake. If you want strudel to win scream strudel. Okay. It sounds like you ran away with the golden pumpkin. Thank you very much. Lady, I want to say I love this personally. Don, we got two recipes. Guys, that was tasty. Both on our website. They're not hard. Please try them. So good.

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{"id":58767697,"title":"How to make festive pumpkin cupcake parfaits and strudel","duration":"4:27","description":"Chefs from Georgetown Cupcake and Breads Bakery compete in a friendly fall bake-off on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-festive-pumpkin-cupcake-parfaits-strudel-58767697","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}