How to make gumbo and cornbread in an Instant Pot

Chef Carla Hall shows "GMA" how to make some New Orleans favorites using an Instant Pot.
4:23 | 09/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to make gumbo and cornbread in an Instant Pot
to our favorite chefs asking them to create some of our favorite dishes using the kitchen appliances many so many have the instant pot. Give it up for miss Carla hall. Hi. I am so glad that you put the call out to me. With that personal message, girl -- I need your help here because I wanted something southern. I had to get over the saints loss so I needed a little comfort food and so what are you going to make for us. I'm going to do a gumbo in the instant pot. Come on. That's what you wanted so we have to jump in. I'll put butter in. You saw me make the sausage and the chicken earlier. You brown that. I have all those bits this there. Brown it in here. You can brown it in here. You're doing the saute function first and then so the thing that people think about is instant pot is instant. I still have steps but basically everything will be in the one pot. Gumbo would take hours down home so don't let instant pot fool you. It's not instant. Okay. So here I have that brown roux. Like the color of peanut butter. You know some stuff. So, robin, let's putting our vegetables in which we'll saute in this until we have our -- basically our holy trinny, onions, peppers, put sought celery and you'll take your time with it and let it brown and everything, jalapenos. Some garlic. All right. And the salt and pepper pinch, yes, pepper. Some cayenne. Get some herbs in there, some or Reagan Joe and thyme. It will be so good. Okay, robin, take your chicken stock and put it in there. Uh-huh. Then we'll -- This is easy. So easy. We'll put that sausage back in, the chicken that is par-cooked. You sauteed earlier in the pot. Correct. I'll add collar greens. It's my gumbo. You can put whatever you want in it and I got some wine. A little wine. Okay, okay. Okay, now that is going to cook for about seven minutes, now we are going to do the quick release method. What is the difference between that and natural release. Quick release, it's like taking your pot off the stove. I want to end that cooking right now whereas natural release is just let the steam come out as it wants to come out but sometimes you just want to stop the cooking. Okay, so which one are you Quick release and now this was steam. Now we're going to do sauteed. Smell that. Oh. Smell that. We're going to put our shrimp in. Where are the shrimp. Yep. This would be shrimp, crawfir, whatever. Now shrimp cooks really quickly so we'll put this on and it needs to quick release because I want that to stop immediately. How long? It's like seven -- like a couple seconds like this is seven minutes. This is going to be like two minutes. You should tell people the steam. Don't you have to be prepared. Yes, so when you're doing this, when you release it, make sure you have a towel over it. That steam will burn you. Now it's not going to attack you. In the old days that thing would pop you in the head. That won't do that. You're going to make corn bread. Corn bread. Corn bread. So I know I probably -- let's mix all this. I got it. Sour cream. I got it. Cream corn. Yes, so these are our wet ingredients. /. Just a little bit. Oop. There you go. I want the whole thing. I said a little bit. Then you do that. Dry ingredients. Mix that and no flour. Just saying. No flour. Now, this -- Put thought mixture in. I have a trivet and putting it in here and put the top on. No way. Yes and that -- the steaming method. This is our corn bread right there. Yep. Oh, I put the water at the bottom because it needs to steam. Can't forget the water. Read your instructions about your own pressure cooker, okay. What do y'all think? The gumbo is outrageous. This is so good. The corn bread, this moist like this. Girl, thank you, thank you. You're so welcome. So good to be here. Get details on our website. Tomorrow is Michael's turn. Try to top this, Michael.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Chef Carla Hall shows \"GMA\" how to make some New Orleans favorites using an Instant Pot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65638368","title":"How to make gumbo and cornbread in an Instant Pot","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-gumbo-cornbread-instant-pot-65638368"}