How to make tandoori salmon with masala green beans

Ginger Zee cooks up some dinner with chef Meherwan Irani.
42:29 | 10/19/20

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Transcript for How to make tandoori salmon with masala green beans
There is the easy eat CNBC. In the kitchen. So looking forward to doing this it's them. A week off course. Keen sense stay. Person we just Kennedy would use of so happy to be doing today if you let Indian food or you don't get skeptical look at. You're about to hear from the Red Hat shack. You know I'm Ronnie end. Gonna have. Chef join us. Very quickly here. What's gonna happen is we're making an interpreter NN there attend to race stand with us olive green beans. Medicare is going to be I also want to mention and that. Child. An era and erupt at. Yeah hi. I'm sorry you. Yeah. But that's a a world. Week. He liked nines when payments. Still. If you because I feel I. For our lottery obviously you know it front to earn their keep your money. The boosters. Indian food not to slate. Not well how it's just. Introduced its parent lot of even New York City. Lindsay and just not. Not that I didn't know it. I happen and yeah luckily we. It's well your act. Places that I try out the night and saw Yates. You're out. That China honey restaurant group. You. Know how Ari do. I'm it Asheville Carolina. We've got restaurants in the lands here. Charlotte but whom Bates is Asheville. And act well it's nice and western Carolina. It's much more mountainous. And then it's gorgeous. The are in and he. Was asked that association. Excellence. And also the Atlanta restaurant association's. Bisons diversity or what I'm looking like. Restaurants. Come into this. Other evolution of more culture more diversity. Restaurant and a half ago. I mean that that is the diversity of it. Exceeds the kitchen. And it's been since the lows in the kitchen one consumer market it's like you medical equipment and India black. And brown in life now every. But its ownership. The community. It often. It's were you one restaurant chairs ships celebrated its. Then dances you know people colored and that's changing dramatically. It's you know. They like being here coming to America and an opening restaurants an editor with them or front. But certainly he mentioned in DeQuincy. Becoming more approachable because they feel it it's one of the last. Great cuisines and will that still misunderstood and not quite. Well he you know. Embraced. By its culture. Aquila and yet we and stand your income so obviously but also and lots eco well. It needs it obviously. And got stuck in this. We are little. Appreciate space. Now say deeper. So anxious. You're basically. We'll. Invented. I. I thought it was interesting to salmon. In the I do not think it's always. Food and now I am a lot. It really easy it's and that's the reason that. And then but at. And T me. It's very it is. It's. So real. That you should be written in the law. And spears took the seat that is. He especially costly. Athens repairs but again you're quite the people who do they. Are you there. And we have updates. Or since who. It will look at the new premiere in extradition to. And sometimes not with. You do Lee fish. And sentiments like her to pitch a vehicle for them. You could get high heat. And yet that period to cook but an incident and the fish meat where beat its are now should start. Three at the thought there. It's important to weep that you use. But I bet a lot. I. Who is here with the justice it. Well really well you really. I get it. Or coriander however does the two in front. The yellows that is your brackets you. And then this Kashmir chili powder which is basically chili pepper went yeah. But it's very distinctive chili pepper and it gives lot of you that beautiful red color here's that the 16100 chicken. And that this political asylum. And this clear a little bit as any Greek league. Mr. instability down. Not. Yet that would have been artist. It's just and I get its wholly ignorant ghetto and he. Electorate. That is. They actually do have I went out and I think that this waste. The white. The what do I do and. That. You know what you hear that he be. It was a middle Clinton's you know as you Rabin. And sell hundred meatless spices mostly restaurant but the market react we have all of them and blended when Tim called the news. With the addition to get there or if you're currently Orton and if you wanted to sheik Egypt air without. Is allowed him out of my language that the and even my. Outlook where. It might well. It did I I am I did it. And an outline. Resales and spices up the street immediate law. And then but what we're really no resemblance. Suit that's apple but we have. Bear bear it sends car. And of course Nikki and everything. And that relatively small amount which is nice because you're not supposed to you have your spices -- long we all Arabs by its bank. The human element. Since there's CEO Rick light unit spoke to keep them cool place we don't let him. And so enters its small size and go to quickly. Mean this is like. I mean it's it's like throwing it. More than six months of western car door rooms excellence and most people haven't. The ground usually. Ports that they. Here younger. Yes you check. It. Should be able to its. The. So this is simple that you acquitted a stream you're angry you're basically. And principled. All your spices. Cuba the U into the you're. More and you. A hot. At. Put. It. Labor but in Indian traditions by Google. I'm and especially charm in me is that. Minnesota insurer Edmonton monitored. Who that there. And it's. Which is there to give you little stir. And it's going to be because and that include Vinocur and you know about a tablespoon. Vinegar report and that's gonna be seated. And they didn't scream you're a little bit apple and its. And that's in it yet there they are ready. And then moved him renounces. That you do. And yet he notes. That. UAE could actually serves them. And then. The Clinton years ago. Did you get your Nixon. Yes OK so again that 200 what do ago he's suit seeks would sounds. Urge you to your rescue garlic equal or about a quarter of each in the puritan together and who and all. Yes I was on tables and it is boot it was loaded. About. Or. At and keep it in the Betsy it's karma that I eat. Exactly. It looked art last couple weeks Heatley and rich. And and equipment and look at the institutional. And accusing cloture. And an engine red pepper. There's been little other insurers whose gates. Right then. The issue something that looks at orange reddish colored. Recruiter did you client Richard Rodriguez and youth and I am. That's fine. Well the tree it'll get that he could be him who Ritter. They didn't consult he beat whom Obama. If I'm yeah. Yet never. End so even if the and then a little bit McLaughlin run. The predicted and we're written with. Her. She wrecked so. It is that. And G. So that it doesn't stick it to make it easy and law and he brought an Olympic that you're. In the. Your ego and endurance to your sentiment on there. And well it is just blew it sentiment. Just what show that the mayor didn't stick properly you got. At least that are or are for the amendment. That you may tunis Bernard it. You can say that will say you know your tepid restrict these two B and needs that are. Chicken. AG's. Let's watch Andy do you give a rarity to correct and applause. Let you again. A little bit states or justly sprinkle them cry. I feel he is. The new incentives and coaches well. And pepper in years Utica is really the best so it will so it's too so in that he's too much. C Deluca and then go head and. It is that you use your hands on yet he had made it there and it's getting real well it's. I. Really think it. Hollywood script will go to it. Let's remember did. You let the. It. But it you don't want. The bearded. But you don't aren't so it doesn't. Owe him. Still. Yet. Gotten a little bit watches. Actually like. Seeing our. It just out there S as ice. I'm. You're ready to be nervous the yoga does a little bit again use. It will still be Lugar yeah. Yet at other black accidentally in love that they eat. It and I. OK. So this idea. That those who speaks the Hitler. Eighties. And other who to you want it on and their sport but. Grill is a will be an idiot expects to issue whatever we optimum use. We grill bill residents to go. Ironically it scatters them you know roughly. And millions and actors around them will be looking at and that way I would consider the and you improved it. He's been really. Love X. Group. They. Didn't. The lows. Dennis cook through labor the actors. But will do great lately hasn't won the premier it and you want you can hit you know the doctor there's only and you just insult and a drizzle or over its. So and you your way holly it all. Yeah. 200. And a the direct hospitality and the person that keeps media they. Eat the apps and equipment. It's probably and the other where they usually are event. At that age is that Sterger freshman year this idiot out here. Shop that's just mind is low that over. Who are active here. And well it basically. Working at the address to create your little something. Here it civic leadership pasture space the Internet in sent to Google to keep. I. Well you. Once had a administered under. Them that uncle aunt. And the mortgage. Lute. Who. And you want to the bed in the. And it. It. And so mean it. Usually eight units will. Only. But you know and we certainly done it is the search show you can pull that people mostly. Oh. I am who I easily get Denton about humans. And now. I like my answer more. Arts arts. The department it's the duties. Yet the that's just. I. Yes I mean. Stewards. Sleep here it's just. It. Ginger. And garlic. Mustard seeds. Simply. And optionally yeah group leads you use it. Again if they can begin with the current or you know or where. Until. Well here in the room missiles into. It. You know. Integrate its you know cook it is it is. Rates. And blow ups and BBC in India this accidentally. And also looked because the industry. Who doesn't. It's. The abuse. Visitors had to grow slightly. Something you'd ever. Tradition. And the progress. That it should be. Have to say no. Cannot. Immediately. That. And here that it. Rick. Well. It's OK so this is to present to. I got so little subject here. And got a hit and hit with little or. Got little or. No. Usually cook with really need to oil and India. Is that you're cute that you don't want out of order over. In order Plavix but this. Awesome. And B because it's actually built a greatly. Again don't. He's or are you. Oh Aaron outlet. Late bad luck to a lot of cattle at a Apple's current ones though. Bogle. You. He. Where. Why wouldn't let them. The strategic action. You give us. And a chip that I'm doing reason at. There to these will. It's weak link with the votes. We were holes. And a and the reason be that is the kittens and all its leaders would rather see. Her break curt and the vehicle. Itself since its later to the vegetables. Oh unless you agree way to go one record. He. Q it looks like it's now it's night. But you surprised many boosters also here. The coming through ubiquitous that. So. Would see more geared. Then but it is. Drop a couple of and been sputtering quite yet but it will soon. Well all week not to eat. And he. Questioned Allen current. Yet. Sat here. So asking I. It's. Well my they'd better it's the his mistress been here yet but it just. The major instead he has. And that's just what the reality which it gets the ball outs and that it. I just like classical in style or rates. That he entered this this this should. And and you know what I would. Like. This she huge. It is two two but the government making. And let's where you can. Yes. It's so this is occurring. So when people talk about Corey in India there are great yours. And the but quite in the later years especially if so is it coach and urged the and this is usually 800 and made it me or. What's in store. But especially actually equipment tradition he's O. And I keep currently. Are and if you don't evidence and that's again the things we implantable. Analysts themselves though. It relieves and the given Asian Brewster nearby but it is so political that the oil in the it's pretty. Jeremy. As. You're you're you're. Not that he can use to increase. This. Is where it. What it is that he. Wolf is Adam Hughes and it in with it and Boogaard. OK so. Two you don't joke right. Yeah. Often distracts us Izzo added a little bit. Yeah. Okay with that rubric. I pray the prayer in or. That. Completely out yeah. And I'm. Act. And then just at yeah a little bit curious about maybe you know. Or 53 term could look at go a long way. Okay good salted. The call in oil rich. They could themselves. All right and yeah I. Out. Circuit and the green beans we're. Definitely. It. More that is. You. If he. The are eating out at. Start here but that's a lot on it yet. And here or wicca and what we want it what what. They cleared. Maybe in you'd think that we you don't it's. Well as is prevent law is one of the war. Support you want a local bar. It won't get them. Adequately equipped with. Whom walk. What we've come along and then you but it wouldn't let them see what they. And then. He needs only Lelie. And I'm. Are. People at lock. Out. Groups at one. Technical that is a. I'll let it. People art had what looked similar to a. Yet people live the national where they liked that aren't able to. Travel and let's look at rules aren't. The. I and and wherever they. But the line we're waiting here in the Atlanta eight that. Leader. India. But almost all men. Yes theater you know where he does it. In Juliet or what that is like them over here. We're. Partnership early loss. But these. Workers and human opened when he did but he didn't. And it's will work that's cook completely lost or over on some routes or. What did you get him or hate you. Now. Where you or groom eats like you. What you. Its three group. Chicken. And all. Of this. The Christie's. Blow people's names in lights and then. Would you. Live show and it is there we beat brew. History procedures and cold not statistics. Show there. Still. The and you and I needed you to list because they knew there are a lot of there's. And the yoga group. It's like we're gonna happen. The mingle and seven Atlantic. Who. Are good. Oh. Oh cruel. You bitch. Who. The. And there. We. Didn't. You. I'm all. The questions cousins are trying to get their only witness it you request it. But that question mark. Let's see. Someone asking congress trying to take this is fast and you could do this easily it's what. This. Good a deep breath it takes both lungs and the he won its twenty minutes and the Green Bay hit the earth. And it might who happens to doubly so. And that's. How how would it earned an ax. America open first lately understand what it means there's it's like. Yes one. And once you let any clue what's it. Predicting bigger and how they welcome a lot more easier actually a lot of people that is the medical school and learned about it suit ready. There. You know. This is told me that this. And school. 21 decision has been. Nominated five times per spirit of war and Billy yeah. Starting at age thirty. Soon to be. Your suit if they. See why this so. It is about been and I. It. It's. So cliche. Use. It is now. There are story. Us. Spiritual master your pastor Rick still there in west there's. Two this. Oh. It's really get port. At that breakfast. Listeners in my look. He says. It accused it can be and they eat it. Oh. And heels so. Whole it's. Yet. Yet. Different flavors. Oh. She's purposely. Never see how. Eight. This report does what were. You stupid or. Real. Tonight at that back it's a bed and breakfast in a dusty town I now try. Look you up. And. There's an eight they are nervous about it. When you use their rights. This could do. It's. Not. Comfortable. Q but. I look at all. We'll just judicial edition bit. Lighter brighter all it did. Should be. Looked right culturally and you know that there is listed EU. It's seen as a candidate that does that east does that we traditional. You know the credit for its fusion and was used to. Shoes basically. May do what you. Pretty much I believe this is. To be what is me. Sausage. You know hollers. It's all they do what you. Now you did mention this recipe is Ian Good Morning America does that carries. He sent me into now he expects bits and so what would you see Jack seconds. 00. As. You know fish. So cute kid that's four under. So who. So I mean you know you well past. Hi. Quote. We weren't fish you. Or repression that. Couldn't think. Hug is looking. It is yet easily more. And the oh. What did you is it was built more. That's an issue it looks like this month. Your little optimistic that the unit and give me that he would words. You know. Especially eager. But yeah. Yeah but it. Up. Yet learned to be. Crispy not. This. But this is nice Wellesley Chris. This through it more. So. Seek the city move questions and there. Another spot nick you lost. It. But it'll be Lleyton Britons who teaches. Ground with its. And then sat. You read it's you agree either. Which. Any sort of read our. Race it's. But we're it. Woman and opened in Albuquerque and I love. The stellar and I still haven't as of underneath me on howdy do you. Not secret. So it would be hard to Vietnam. And disease as. Yet it's so honestly who. Program here is its you don't really really is if she ran eight. Goes well. 800. No goats quote it is okay so you know. Yet. I I. He. Not and I. He's not like you. So. With. Because he knows it's a little room excuse me yet. And right which is he's Indian. Based. It's yogurt. You know to Purdue must see Currie. Unit the unit this of the sugar and cool. It's that it went to a vegetable he's so. In particular that you don't sauce heat it should you so this book that are that are easy. I don't they. The eighties. It. Now. The. It. The solemn. We it does it look at that Muster just entered its. And yet Lucas it's an integral in that drive them. Yeah that. Now it. Yeah. Equity. And you really this. Yeah. Billion. Which are integrating them there. Well. The hearts hands. And that it. Trying land and the lady. Redundant I get angry or. And curry and oh screw you and your. He decides to completely. And Indian and the green beans and some there. And it's and it tastes at a cabinet. It's it's. The. Yet look nice link ups. Yeah good. You. Sometimes. Not and I'll let Hewitt. Well and the trick. Them. They've got left arts and who. Some onions and so until. They little seven kicks were kicks. Go to Amkor coma as the and then boom. Under this myriad flavors. And they yogurt that's the the order. You're stuck in the end the shifts. In Britain and. He's a pots bricks and even my mind. Indeed I was the slick we'll not let the bots. How everybody. Al Unser linked. Let's. It's all out their. Pets. They. I'm. The savior by. It's. Your and I. ET they do it yeah it get any active here.

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