Memorial Day grilling with ‘GMA’ resident chef, Michael Symon

Chef Michael Symon demonstrates how to prepare bacon cheddar smash burgers.
5:40 | 05/23/20

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Transcript for Memorial Day grilling with ‘GMA’ resident chef, Michael Symon
Joining us now is Michael Symon, "Gma's" resident chef and host of food network's "Symon's dinners cooking out." Michael, you're kicking off the holiday weekend at home in new York cooking up some bacon cheddar smash burgers. And rob is joining you from his house. Rob, are you ready? I'm ready. I'm watching Michael and what he does with his towel and all these sort of things that the pros do. Michael, that setup you've got out there looks amazing. You got to swing a towel. Thank you for braving the elements. Is this what's going to happen memorial day? Is that your spot? This is my spot. You can't be afraid. Rain or shine, born and raised in Cleveland, I would shovel through four feet of snow to get to the grill. So a little sprinkle is not going to bother me today. Who is mentioning earlier talking about, boy, that doesn't look like a healthy memorial day snack? Who eats healthy memorial day snacks? Reporter: Right. Totally. So we're cooking up burgers. I love that I'm inside and you're outside. So you can do this recipe both ways. You could. Whether you're in or out, it doesn't matter. You could cook on either side so basically what you're doing is taking about five ounces of ground beef and seasoned it with salt and pepper and put it into a measuring cup to kind of form it and then pack a piece of cheese in. I'm using cheddar. Just push it right into your burger and then seal it up like that. Are you following me so far? The cheddar is already in there? You put some cheddar in the middle. Then you top it with a little bit more cheddar. Okay, all right. And then you take your chopped bacon, and you top it again. Raw bacon no less. Raw bacon. Raw bacon because we'll cook it on the grill, and then when you pop it out, you have this beautiful concoction like that. This is all seasoned. It goes bacon side down on the grill. I actually have one grilling right here and two that I flipped, and then we're going to make a little sauce. So favorite barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, you whisk these together. Mine is going on. This could then become a little glaze you put on the back side of your burger and then you could also put it on the bun. So it comes off. So that's mustard, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise. Barbecue, mayonnaise. The fire department may come. I got to put the fan on. You brush the burger with it. So then when you flip, you get some extra caramelization. So I know -- come here real quick. When you flip this, look, see that, you get that beautiful caramelization and sear and then the mayo gives you another kind of sear. So that's what you're looking for. We're going to take this guy off. I put it right -- I did one of these for practice, and it sizzled and crusted like nothing else I've ever seen. How long should you cook it for? Smash it, and then the cheese melts right into the middle and through the burger, so when you cut it in half, you're going to get this kind of -- oh, yeah, see the cheese is in there. Oh! Pickles, raw onion, bacon crust. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah. I'm a little worried mine is not done. I'm a little worried -- do you have faith in me? I have complete faith in you. I can't see your burger, but as long as you use good ground beef, you could eat it anywhere from rare to well done. As long as your ground beef is good, if you trust where you got the beef from, then the temperature is your choice. But if not, you know, just let it sit for a little bit longer and that's okay. I'm going to enjoy mine for breakfast, and my puppy Norman is ready to have one too. You deserve it, my friend. I bet. My crew is ready to have a couple of burgers. This is incredible. I love that you can do it both on the grill or in the frying pan. Did you lose a lot of bacon when you put it on the grill? How does the bacon stay on if you're trying to sear it like that? When I go out from the grill and do things like this, I just place my pan right on the grill whether it's a cast iron, cast enamel, stainless steel, whatever kind of pan you have, you can work it right onto the grill. Then when you close the lid, you still get all that beautiful charcoal, wood, smoke that kind of envelopes the burger, which gives you just one more dimension of flavor. So you could do this on a gas grill, you can do it on a charcoal grill, you can do it on a wood grill or your oven. I'm a charcoal guy myself but to each their own whether you're inside or outside enjoying friends and family this weekend, what else more could you ask? All right, buddy. I just flipped. We got to go. Look, "Symon's dinners outside, cooking out" premieres on the food network on June 7th. I wanted to get that in for you. Sounds like a great show. Thank you. Happy memorial day weekend. You got it. It's going to be right in this backyard. What could be Whit, I frantically looked for that apron that says dad bod that you gave me. I couldn't find it. I know you're working on that dad bod. Plenty of cheese in the middle just like the burger. Coming up, it's hot and cold

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"Chef Michael Symon demonstrates how to prepare bacon cheddar smash burgers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70847472","title":"Memorial Day grilling with ‘GMA’ resident chef, Michael Symon","url":"/GMA/Food/video/memorial-day-grilling-gma-resident-chef-michael-symon-70847472"}