'The Middle' star Patricia Heaton shares her recipe for chicken chilaquiles

The Emmy Award-winning actress demonstrates one of her favorite recipes from her new cookbook, "Patricia Heaton's Food for Family and Friends," on "GMA."
7:37 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for 'The Middle' star Patricia Heaton shares her recipe for chicken chilaquiles
We have a great guest to bring to the table. She's one of our all-time favorite TV moms and now she's written a beautiful new cookbook, please welcome Patricia Heaton. Hello again. Hi, George. Nice to see you. Hello again. Right here? Thank you, sir. Great. We couldn't wait. We were all digging in. Oh, good. How is it. Delicious. A little later you'll show us how to prepare it. Definitely. We want to hear, how you came about this, "Everybody loves Raymond" when you were working on that series -- Yes, well, when I -- I graduated from the Ohio state university. And I moved to New York City and that's where I got my first taste of sushi ever and sweet breads and truffles and real joy sants when you broke them apart they like stretched. The real ones so then I moved to L.A. And when I meat Phil Rosenthal on "Raymond" he is a real foodie. Always tweeting about food. Beforee krispy kreme doughnuts became national he would fly them in from the south on the set and deep dish pizza from Chicago and he had the pinks' hot dog truck back up on the set so the only like Michelin starred restaurant I've ever been to is because Phil took a bunch of us there so he, you know, he's where I go -- he found the Korean barbecue place that is now a family tradition for us in Los Angeles and gave me such a great education and happened to write a pretty good show. You might have heard of it. Yes. You said krispy kreme, a fellow mississippian was nodding along. Julia Childs and your mother, a great influence whether it comes to cooking? My mom, there were five of us. I'm the fourth of tief and you see that picture, there was one more to come after those four. Oh. So she really tried her best and she would come home from school writing down every yulia child recipe. I never saw any cordon bleu cooking -- we had fishsticks. We had pizza. We had meat loaf. Meatballs. Anything with ground meat basically you could do. So but I found out once I had kids it's hard to come up with -- well, if you're only doing dinner five meals a day. That they'll eat. Or seven meals a week so that they'll eat. My kids' favorite thing was when I would run out of ideas, what can I do for dinner? I'd be like we're having breakfast for dinner, like it was a big thing. Yes. You play the family matriarch on "The middle." Your kid is known for take-out. Just take-out. Yeah, what is your style at home? Are you like that. I have been known to do take-out. But today it's very health -- you can get healthy take-out so that's my excuse but I also work 12 hours a die. We go in at 6 in the morning and get home at 6 at night. It's a little difficult but very important for everybody when they were little to sit down together at dinner when we were on "Raymond" so the hours weren't so long and did that then we would make Sunday meals when I couldn't be cooking during the week, Sunday meals would be the big thing but I'm a little like Frankie in that I would say forgetful and especially with birthdays, my kid like I will just be going along and someone will tweet me, tell your son, Dan, happy birthday and I'll go, it's Dan's birthday. You guys have had such a great run. I know. Nine years. You've done it again. How did -- I came to L.A., no agent, no manager, no car and one commercial on a reel. I cannot believe I'm sitting here after nine years again, another nine years so it's pretty crazy. True talent. Well, it's all about the writing, I have to say shoutout to the writers. Cooking talent. You know what, we're going to go cook. Come over here. Come on over. Okay. Great. So I'll bet any one of you could cook this right now because I bet you all have these ingredients at home. You have a little onion, garlic which you just saute and a little olive oil then you just take a can of crushed tomatoes and probably have all some kind of to mate to product, right? You might not have pickled jalapenos but if you do, throw them in there and toss that altogether. Smells so good. Give it 20 minutes and let it thicken up. Everybody has leftover chicken or an old half of a roast chicken so put that in there. In my refrigerator right now. Don't know what to do with it. You throw it in there and sad cilantro, stir that up and let it heat up. People are very busy and want to make dishes that are fast but good. The tough in my book for the most part is pretty easy with ingredients you are already have. Or you can take shortcuts. If you can buy premade dough, you don't have to -- really big on that. Making it easy for you. So then you just let that heat up. You take your bowl of chips, we all have that leftover from the super bowl, right? Oh. So just throw this onto and then you have a little case Coe fresco here I like to use. Right? A little extra cilantro. Good for leftovers. Really good for leftovers. You squeeze your lime on it there. There you go. Put the lime on the -- Put the lime on the chilaquiles. See how pretty it is there. So easy. So you ran through that -- you must kind of be a professional at this or something. Right. But "The middle". Yeah. Last season, this is your second big, big run on show. What are you going to do next. No show but I'm an empty nester so no kids and no show which did a little bit shocking, right? Is it good. Michael and I will just talk. So what are you going to do now? No kids, no show? I don't have anything lined up so if you'll keep that chair for me over there, just ignore me. I'll just be sitting there E eating and listening. You watched your own children grow up and see your TV children grow up as well. Crazy. I forget how little those kids were. I know. Now they all own homes, you know. I mean like -- by the way I didn't own a home till I was like 32. I'm like they're 18 and I just bought a house, okay. But, no, they're great and they were the best -- normally I don't like working with children but I have a been doing it now for 20 years. We just happen to have the best kids ever on "The middle" and on "Raymond," the wonderful not Hollywood kind of kids. Really well adjusted. Wow. You know, you don't like to work with children. So you can't have that chair because you'd be working with children every morning with us. Thank you very much. I would love to finish eating this but I'm going to do this. "Patricia Heaton's food for family and friends" is out now. Make sure you get it and everybody in our audience are all going home with a copy of

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{"id":52891199,"title":"'The Middle' star Patricia Heaton shares her recipe for chicken chilaquiles","duration":"7:37","description":"The Emmy Award-winning actress demonstrates one of her favorite recipes from her new cookbook, \"Patricia Heaton's Food for Family and Friends,\" on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/Food/video/middle-star-patricia-heaton-shares-recipe-chicken-chilaquiles-52891199","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}