Adorable 9-year-old raises $100,000 to help veterans in need

Tyler Stallings has been on a mission to aid homeless veterans since age 4 with his “Hero Bags.”
5:34 | 12/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Adorable 9-year-old raises $100,000 to help veterans in need
We are so excited for our next guest. Last year we met this incredible young man on "Gma." We were able T help him on his feet with a donation to his charity. Now this 9-year-old is back demonstrating his inspiring goals and big heart by helping veterans in need. Check this out. He has raised over $100,000 to help thousands of homeless veterans with his initiative hero bags and boxes. Here to tell us about how he's giving back is -- there he is. Super kid, super dresser, Tyler stallings. Tyler, it's good to see you. 9 years old, you've had this idea and passion since you were 4 we're told. Why? Why? Why is this such a passion of yours to help vets? It was mainly my mom who helped me get started. And how it all started was basically one day my mom decided to show me a video of veterans. I saw them on the street. I said this is not fair. They're supposed to be my heros. From there I said I wanted to build houses and we couldn't do that because of financial problems. So we ended up getting the idea of hero bags and then, when we started it, our first place we went was patriot house and the armed forces retirement home. I'm pretty much the ambassador. You're definitely the ambassador, Tyler. Tell us about hero bags, hero boxes. What are they? What's inside of them? This year they look a little different than they have in previous years. Yes, that is true. Basically what the hero bags and boxes are are things that get passed around to the staff and veterans. Besides the normal things we put in there like clothing, food, food cards, the food is packaged food. We don't do home-cooked food. Besides things like that -- and hygiene items. Sorry, I forgot to include that. Now because of covid-19 and the pandemic we've been including more hand sanitizer, masks, gloves and we give to the shelters like thermometers. That's basically what we've been putting in because of the covid-19 pandemic. Tyler, I want you to give some of our viewers -- everyone knows -- we've been going through, the country, the world, a tough time in 2020. Folks are looking for a way to help out. Maybe they can't financially. Everybody is looking for a way. They'll see this 9-year-old kid who is going to inspire them. Give them some words of advice or inspiration for how everybody can help somebody out right now. So, even if you just decide to get a card and sit down with your family and say, hey, you know, I think it's a good idea to write a card to a deployed soldier or something and send it to the soldier's family or the soldier. You could do anything to help people, even baking your neighbor a cake. It's anything. Also for those who want to support, we can use masks, hand sanitizer, anything covid-19 related. Also, we are in great need of volunteers because it's basically only my mom and some of my family who are available sometimes. My website is We have Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Those are also kid time enterprises. I hope people listen and they want to help out. I know your mom is with you today and she's a big part of this. If you could tell her how much we want to thank her as well for all she is doing and all you are doing to help veterans during this time of need. Tyler, thank you for being you and for being with us today. We really appreciate it. Thank you. I would just like to say to my mom thank you so much for all your support and love throughout my project and also for just helping. I mean, she's done everything from driving me around to the stores, from -- she's been there from day one. She's the reason why I'm sitting here right now. That is so sweet, Tyler. Thank you for that. We needed that today. We really appreciate you and your mom. Thank you very much. Mom is going to take that clip and hold on to that for the rest of his life. Wow. How do you follow that? It's tough. Final thoughts, Dr. Jen. Final thoughts, uncertainty. So much in the world of medicine

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Tyler Stallings has been on a mission to aid homeless veterans since age 4 with his “Hero Bags.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74520058","title":"Adorable 9-year-old raises $100,000 to help veterans in need","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/adorable-year-raises-100000-veterans-74520058"}