Ads by political rivals in Utah go viral

Chris Peterson and Spencer Cox discuss the gubernatorial race and their PSA promoting positivity in the election.
5:33 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for Ads by political rivals in Utah go viral
Two opposing candidates for governor of Utah recently went viral for doing ING noticeably different. Here's this -- they joined forces to record a series of ads calling for civility. Take a look. I'm Chris Peterson. And I'm Spencer cox. We're currently in the final days of campaigning against each other to be your next governor. While I think you should vote me for -- But really you should vote for me. There are some things that we can both agree on. We can disagree without hating each other. Win or lose, in Utah, we work together. Do let's show the country that there's a better way. My name is Chris Peterson. And I'm Spencer cox. Both: And we approve this message. We could learn something from those guys, robach, you and I. Civility there. Here now are the friendly gubernatorial rivals. Chris Peterson and Spencer cox. Thank you both for being here. Forgive me a little cynical here, always assume a politician is not going to do something unless there's some political upside to it. So you're way ahead in the polls, what's the political upside for you to appear in an ad with your rival? Well, it's your job to be cynical, but I don't think there's any political upside for either of us. We both care deeply about our state and our country. It's gotten so ugly out there. She said, isn't there anything we can do? I'm just grateful that I'm running against somebody who agrees with that and who's concerned as well. Who said, yeah, this is a great idea. T.J. Asked you to forgive him for being cynical, forgive me for being sentimental, when I watched that I actually got chills, it's kind of embarrassing, but we just don't see it, Chris, why do you think you're outliers in this, why can't other politicians do what you two have done? Well, it's hard for me to speculate for other politicians. I know that for us, we kind of negotiated two core themes that we agreed on and wanted to put that out there. First, that we believe in civility and treating each other with kindness no matter our policy disagreements. We disagree a lot on policy. Second, we wanted to affirm our commitment to the peaceful transfer of power, that after election, we count all the votes, we come together and move forward as a country and that's the best way to try and make policy change, whatever our policy differences are, we read about our core values. Utah right now, you're going through it, having one of the highest test positivity rates in the country, you've had record days in terms of new covid cases, lieutenant governor cox, you're against a statewide mandate on masks. Mr. Peterson, you actually you're in favor of one. On this one, you disagree. Lieutenant governor, why is your way better than what Mr. Peterson is trying to do? We're trying to reduce the number of cases. As you mentioned at top of the show, we're seeing hue spikes across the country, and so this is one area where Chris was pushing hard for mask mandate, we didn't think it was necessary there. Now it is. 90% of the state is under a mask mandate. Mr. Peterson, go ahead. A smile on your face as you're disagreeing with your rival. Well, look, I called for a statewide mask mandate back in July. I think it's only one step in an 11-point plan that I have that includes faster and more test positivity as well as deploying better protective equipment and technology to our frontline workers, who still don't have the best masks that they need to protect themselves from getting the virus, so we have a lot of work to do to get our virus under control and right now, our hospitals are about to start turning people away from critical care because they're overflowing. And you're right. This is one of the areas that lieutenant governor cox and I disagree on how to manage things. I do want to get back to the core themes for the broader conversation which is, look, we can disagree about policy, but I do respect that the lieutenant governor is doing his best to try to get the situation under control, but I don't think we as a state have taken the right policy, but he's a good guy and we need to move forward in civil dialogue about the best way to address the concerns of our people. T.J. Is just in shock. I was imagining what I just heard out of their mouths coming from the two presidential candidates saying that about each other. Can you imagine hearing that? I can imagine a world we can be able to do one day. Hope is still alive. Thank you both. We really appreciated that very civil conversation. Thanks so much. Thank you. I'm going to be so nice to you this week. This week? You hear that. Baby steps. Trying to be nice. Be sure to check out specifics for voting in your state, from our partners at fivethirtyeight how to vote site, up next here

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Chris Peterson and Spencer Cox discuss the gubernatorial race and their PSA promoting positivity in the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73836597","title":"Ads by political rivals in Utah go viral ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/ads-political-rivals-utah-viral-73836597"}