Ahmaud Arbery's mother remembers her son a year later

Wanda Cooper Jones and family attorney Lee Merritt reflect on her son's death one year after he was gunned down while jogging.
4:53 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Ahmaud Arbery's mother remembers her son a year later
@drjashton. We want to turn to ahmaud arbery. Family and friends are marking the one-year anniversary of his death. Just 25 years old. Chased and shot to death while jogging in a Georgia neighborhood. Gregory Mcmichael, his son Travis and neighbor William Roddy Bryant all remain in jail charged with his murder. They've pleaded not guilty to charges that include malice murder and felony murder. We sat down with arbery's mother and the family's attorney to look back on his life and find out where this case now stands. Wanda cooper Jones and Lee Merritt, thank you for being with us today. Wanda, I want to ask you how you and your family are doing today? I'm just taking it day by day. Just every day -- some days are good. Some days are better than others. Just taking it slow. One day at a time. I imagine sometimes one hour at a time, or one minute at a time. You never, ever get over the loss of a child. I think every mother knows that unfortunately firsthand or can imagine that. Tell us how you have dealt with your grief, with your anger. How have you coped over this past year, Wanda? Like I said before, just basically trying to make it through the day. Each day is different. Try not to dwell on so much of what happened. Try to celebrate the son that I had that was taken away from me so tragically. Trying to think about the good memories that we shared and that's what basically gets me through the day. Lee, as we heard her say there, taking it a day at a time. Don't know if it will ever get easier. Nothing will bring him back. Lee, what does justice look like now? Well, with the direction of Ms. Wanda cooper Jones, I've been directed to not only go after the terrible men who were the perpetrators of this crime, but justice for this family looks like going after the system that justified it. It allowed these men to run free for months. They failed to prosecute properly. They offered racist explanations for why the shooting was justified. Miss cooper is a fighter. She's instructed us to really take no stops on the road to justice. Lee, when we spoke last may, those three men were not behind bars. They were not in jail. Then we saw those large rallies of people, protests, calling for them to be locked up. Now that they have been, has justice been served? It's a first step on the road to justice. It is so important that those three men are in jail right now, that they're being held in pretrial detention. They're not allowed to roam free. It's a great sigh of relief for the community and miss Wanda cooper Jones. We can't stop there. Indictment is not enough. We need a vigorous prosecution, an appropriate sentence, which we believe is these men in jail for the rest of their lives. How do you plan to move forward in finding ways to honor your son's memory? We plan to launch a foundation to honor ahmaud, the ahmaud arbery foundation. We're in the midst of launching that now. We're excited about that as well. Wanda, I want to follow up and ask you because we always talk about unfortunately how your son died. Can you end with how your son lived and what that legacy is? Ahmaud was, again, my baby boy. Ahmaud was loved. Not only was he loved, ahmaud allowed himself to love. Ahmaud was -- he was a brother. He was an uncle. He was a grandson. He was a nephew. Ahmaud was more than just a jogger who decided to jog on that Sunday afternoon. Ahmaud was loved by many. You know, many people more have found ways to love him, love his memory, love you and your family. As you all go through what you're going through, thank you so much Wanda cooper Jones for the time, for sharing your son and his memory and time with us. Lee Merritt, we appreciate you as well. We'll see you both down the road. Thank you so much. Thank you for having us. Thank you so much. More to come on that story. Can't believe it's been a year. Just ahead on "Gma3" when we

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Wanda Cooper Jones and family attorney Lee Merritt reflect on her son's death one year after he was gunned down while jogging. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76067470","title":"Ahmaud Arbery's mother remembers her son a year later","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/ahmaud-arberys-mother-remembers-son-year-76067470"}