Everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 12

ABC News contributor Becky Worley breaks down all of the products announced by Apple.
4:39 | 10/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 12
the holidays. ABC's very own Becky Worley is one of the first to get her hands on that new phone. So, Becky, thanks for being with us. Faster data downloads. What are the bells and whistles here? What are we going to see that's different? The fun stuff, right, Amy. First, blue is the theme for these new colors. This one is sort of an azure blue, this one a little bit more metallic, what they're calling a pacific blue. A little fun thing, accessories, it has a magnet right back here, a wallet for your credit card. It snaps on and it's good to go. Put your credit card, your I.D. On there. That's kind of fun. There are four different models with the mini. Starting at $699. All the way up to 6.7-inch screen, well over $1,000. The edges are squared off than the rounded iPhone 11. It has new shatter protection. Ceramic shield. Four times more protection if you drop it, and I can't wait to test that out somewhere. And Becky, I was just talking to robach earlier, I don't need a new phone. When you said magnet, she lit up. The magnet got her. You sold her on the magnets. But Becky, tell us the last version, a big deal about the camera, so could they really improve the camera that much this time around? Yes, this is actually pretty exciting, especially for photo buffs, to help the camera process low light situations better. Night mode time lapse, night mode portraits without a flash. And this is important, better night mode selfies. Now T.J. Is excited. T.J.'s eyes just lit up when you said night time selfies. You bet me to that. We want to talk about the faster downloads, the 5g network now. We should point out that android phones have had this capability for some time now, correct? This is a classic move from apple. They don't always want to be first for a new technology. They want it to settle. Let's talk about 5g. Yes, android phones have it. Noall are superfast. But in ideal conditions, apple got download speeds of up to seven times faster than my home wi-fi. Coverage is more reliable. At things like concerts and ball games. And 5g's coming. The new iPhone 12 has the 5g built right into it. And I think it's really important because you don't necessarily need it, but it's a smart way to futureproof yourself. That's a good point you make. Something else that folks, Becky, you were talking about this morning. A lot of people are going to be talking about. You spoke with the vp of iPhone product marketing, you asked about this little thing here that they are not giving you chargers or earbuds with the iPhones. I can't wait to see how they answered this. Let's listen. Do you worry about consumers, geez, I'm paying 700 bucks for this phone and I don't get a power plug and headphones? There's so much in the phone already, there's a lot of amazing reasons and we think it's a great price for all of that. But for the reasons I mention, people often already have that. It's sitting around in their house. They have multiple ones of that. It was kind of not the right thing to do in terms of the larger environmental goals and the larger benefits to the environment. Becky? She makes a good point. Apple has huge ambitious environmental goals and this one way they can reduce their carbon footprint. But they're putting a faster charging cord into the box with the new phone, so maybe that's a trade-off, guys. You just have to have the box. You're not having it. Not at all right now. I have a lot of extra earbuds laying around the house. Because I'm an ear pod girl. Hook me up, please. I'll bring them in tomorrow. Thank you so much, Becky Worley, we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"ABC News contributor Becky Worley breaks down all of the products announced by Apple.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73610170","title":"Everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 12","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/apples-iphone-12-73610170"}