Blake Griffin reacts to NBA bubble

Griffin shares his thoughts on basketball’s return, the importance of health and wellness, and his new podcast.
4:19 | 08/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Blake Griffin reacts to NBA bubble
Keeping our mind and our body healthy is more important now than ever. No one knows that better than our next guest has taken his pursuit of wellness, teamed up with star-studded experts and shared that journey on his new audible podcast, "The pursuit of healthiness." Joining us now is NBA superstar Blake griffin. I want to ask you about the NBA, we know you're not currently in that bubble in Orlando, your team the Detroit pistons didn't qualify, how do you think that's going to affect you heading into the next NBA season? That's a good question. I'm not sure. I've enjoyed watching the games. As basketball players, our favorite thing to do is play basketball. Not being able to play right now has been a little different, but, you know, I have tried to use this time to, you know, have a routine and work out and really be ready for next season, so, you know, we'll see when it comes around. And those who are playing, they say they're adjusting to those virtual fans. A playoff-like atmosphere in the bubble. You say you've been watching. What are your thoughts on it? I think it's gotten better, every game, since day one. I talked to a couple of my friends playing the games, they say it's still kind of weird, they play the crowd noise, but it's just so hard to replace, 20,000 screaming fans either at you or with you, so, I don't know, I'm sure the intensity will go up when the playoffs start, but for right now it's weird for a lot of guys. And I know your podcast as you said it's been keeping you very busy, it takes listeners into the lives of a lot of celebrities, what have you learned from them about keeping yourself healthy and happy? You know, I think early on, especially during this pandemic, I think early on it was so weird for all of us, and we were out of our comfort zone and off our routines, I know the first week for me was a little crazy, support was all over the place and I realized quickly that I needed to put some rules in place, and friends and I got together and we made sort of a constitution of how we were going to live during this quarantine and that structure helped me not only physically get everything in that I needed to, but also mentally, having that set schedule every day, and sort of having something to look forward to, that definitely helped me. In talking with all these people, I think the biggest thing is finding what works for you and I think that's so important, especially in this time when everything's a little bit off. That's so important. You spoke with Karli Kloss and she talked about body image. You said you learned something from her that you want to share with you daughter, what was that? I think the most surprising thing with that conversation with Karli was that, you know, she as a supermodel even deals with body image issues and I think that says a lot -- it's something that everyone struggles with. This is a supermodel that gets paid to, you know, have the ideal body type or the ideal look. So I think that's -- that's one thing. But also, it says something to the unreal expectations and standards that we put on people and it's unfair and I want my daughter to hear that somebody like Karli has been doing this for a long time and is such a consummate professional dealing with that, because, you know, it's not fair to a lot of people. Lot of little girls around the world, so I think it's very important for young people to hear that. And it's such an important message, I love that you're talking about working on yourself but also at the same time, maybe just giving ourselves a break and remembering that we aren't perfect but we can make our lives better and this is such a wonderful podcast. Blake, thank you so much. Check out your audible original podcast "The pursuit of healthiness." Blake griffin, thank you for joining us. We appreciate it. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Griffin shares his thoughts on basketball’s return, the importance of health and wellness, and his new podcast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72334513","title":"Blake Griffin reacts to NBA bubble","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/blake-griffin-reacts-nba-bubble-72334513"}