Bobby Bones dishes on ‘American Idol’

The “American Idol” mentor gives a preview of the popular singing competition.
3:40 | 04/26/21

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Transcript for Bobby Bones dishes on ‘American Idol’
In Los Angeles American Idol you're against the best of the best like he stared right now. I Amy Tara I didn't. His music has always been something that is saying my passion has always kind of like hops and the Palestinian career so. I worse. It's. Nothing at all I've ever changes unless we get a little back up yet so I admire you for chasing that uncomfortable feeling because you know that's where it goes around. Best and that was a scene from American Idol with official in house mentor Bobby bone preparing America's next young star to take the sting. That's right and it is not an easy feat to stand before judges and America's senior heart out but that is just when these contestants are doing. And thanks in big parts of Bobby's guidance and with us now American Idol mentor. And host of the nationally syndicated radio show the Bobby bones showed man himself Bobby Bonds Bobby it is so great to have you here you are really. Such a huge part of the heart and soul of American Idol what is it like for you to be that person. On that show guiding these young people who are facing some of their biggest fears. I'd like for me like I'm working with them technically but I'm also working with them as a life coach you know. I'm a better spirits for a lot of these kids because they come from backgrounds like ideal from a tiny town in our. Arkansas I'd never seen Los Angeles or New York or anything with big cameras and so I know they're struggle not only at an artist another person in I can balance both in NATO the best of their ability but I feel like I did my job. Well above AI to come from a small town in Arkansas west met this week we need to connect. About that we can oh but you tell me this is a big week special week on American Idol and so certainly a a big special time for anybody who loves Disney. It is anywhere I mean. When you biggest songs from your childhood and you don't think about ten Disney's all we I didn't think part of the this week is all about that is that is the most famous songs the songs that make you feel and you know what a horrible obviously is song choice but does that at this stage in the show with a didn't it is time. Kind ago. It is all about song choice and performing at the best of your ability and I think you're gonna watch you're gonna sing along gonna feel a lot of those those same memory gasket. I'm going to be watching with my daughters we love this show it's amazing you've been busy obviously with idol you've got your radio show and now you've teamed up with National Geographic and I loved the name of this show. Breaking Bobby bump with what is about all about. Well I went and I felt people that really the underdog and they had situation we're right now you're watching a lot he was Burke won you lost vision eighty. Was shot face in it black outlines what he says. And so I went and learned his story I serve the military has an hunting accident and and I did what he does and he kayak. Still wild rapids and I did a blindfolded. I have another guy named Mike who was imprisoned and he got out was you know run of gains. It's over he's a high access road Clymer so I'm not deathly afraid eyes the way home port doesn't veto of the Gregg Kenyon on our road. And I did his job so what's their story but it's also what they viewed as crazy I'm trying not to get really bad her diet and. Okay not to break your bones that he. OK it's kind of a relief to know this to do it's already been shot you're here with the so it's you survived at all Bobby bones so it's good to see that. As well but so good to have you here with us lament so good to see you all right a good luck with everything we'll see down the road all right. Thank you guys all right in American Idol. Of course getting closer to crowning the winners all knew who Disney night episode of their lives on the night. On ABC that's right we can sing along with the TV movie if that's that's a good one.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The “American Idol” mentor gives a preview of the popular singing competition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77325240","title":"Bobby Bones dishes on ‘American Idol’ ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/bobby-bones-dishes-american-idol-77325240"}