A breakthrough on the bipartisan infrastructure plan

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and Rep. Josh Gottheimer, co-chairs of the Problem Solvers Caucus, discuss the latest on the bipartisan infrastructure package presented to Congress.
4:56 | 06/24/21

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Transcript for A breakthrough on the bipartisan infrastructure plan
It's time to talk to a couple of problem solvers and you know where they work. In congress and put stay with me here cover behind thought infrastructure funding gain momentum. Last night might of heard about that when a bipartisan group of senators and White House officials signaled that they were close to a deal. On a one trillion dollar plan to let's bring in the co chairs of B. Problem with salt or is caucus would outline their own framework. We're a bipartisan infrastructure solution Republican congressman Ryan Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania and democratic congressman just got time or. From New Jersey Dermot thank you both for being here and let me start with you government got hammered a lot of a lot of people might not have heard of your caucus. Com and you mice Gregg to head that you should even neither a problem solvers caucus so I want you to define it for people who are being at. Introduced to it right now for the first time what the problem solvers caucus it's. Well your right and thanks for having us think we're we should just be called congress but you know in this day and age unfortunately not enough of us are. Working to gather the good news of the problems hours caucus. 29 Democrats and 29 Republicans. We come together every single week and a half of one purpose. Actually get to yes and to get things done and to build relationships kind of the old fashioned way you should get things done by talk to each other with civility. And working to solve a problem we've been working for months now on this infrastructure package would our senate colleagues that who. Have some good news and and we've been working on this as a package now to find a solution for physical infrastructure those roads bridges rails water. Energy electric vehicles and to make progress and I think we're gonna get there were really close take. I was in fizz factor when do you like which you're hearing we we do not been hearing the headline missing the headline breakthrough. When it comes to infrastructure package are we close until most everyday Americans here infrastructure and went right we assume we're talking about roads and bridges and things of that nature but tell Americans what they can look for too if this infrastructure deal goes through. Yet thanks Travis TJ really the things you can see including that as you mentioned roads schools bridges a structural integrity of of our buildings is very important. Our dams or levees. And the like. But also think she can't see like broadband and innovation and five G that'll keep us competitive move with nations like China. To make sure that were out were an economic driver as well which is very important. Who's gonna pay for this thing congressman Fitzpatrick. Well that's that the beauty this plan TJ what we what we've come up with both in the house problem savage caucus. In the G-20 in the senate which Josh not participating. We're we're getting there is through a lot of innovative ways that will not require any increase. In taxes if you can believe that were closing tax gaps were starting an infrastructure bank that will generate things called key threes public private partnerships. So that for every federal infrastructure and our stand. It will yield 234 dollars in private investment for airports have the airlines invest and partner with the federal government for broadband. Have coming companies like Netflix. Invest with us to help fill it out a broad band network far electric vehicle charging stations have companies like Tesla or get a benefit. Partner with the federal government it's a way to exponentially expand the reach. The federal taxpayer dollars. The karma got China what dumb what kind of response do you will get there in congress for because you all work the problems over as co caucus funny buddy system. If I have that right essentially. If you wanna be a member you have to bring somebody from the other side of the aisle with U. Hum what kind of response do you all get from some of your colleagues. All about your caucus and in it seems like for some mobile. You know what they said that this isn't for me I can't get reelected in my district if I'm too buddy buddy with the might across the item. We got a lot of positive feedback you know you're right it's not for everybody when we get to three quarters Abbas agreeing 75%. We actually stand together to block we don't campaign against each other we don't work against each other we really to try to build those relationships and trust. And you know this about getting things done of the people you represent so as as a final tie it with you know you don't love every aspect of everything you get done. He leg 80% of it but what's more important is that it actually gets done. First is eap obstructionism. In and the same old things in Washington which frustrate all of us so there's momentum building for this approach to government and especially now. That we work with our senate colleagues this is the model for actually how we get things back together and unite the country to her. Congressman Phil Spector congressman guy I think helping them offending you all wet when I say I look forward to today. That a problem solvers caucus is not necessary to hit his distinct problem solvers. Congress sold gentlemen. You all the welcome to come back here any old time I think people appreciate seeing you all right getting along and and smiling in things done that they Tebow will see down the road okay. Thanks exactly and get.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and Rep. Josh Gottheimer, co-chairs of the Problem Solvers Caucus, discuss the latest on the bipartisan infrastructure package presented to Congress. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78467165","title":"A breakthrough on the bipartisan infrastructure plan","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/breakthrough-bipartisan-infrastructure-plan-78467165"}