Candy maker creates 1st digital Halloween trick-or-treating

Mars Wrigley is keeping people safe with their virtual candy experience, “Treat Town.”
4:01 | 10/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Candy maker creates 1st digital Halloween trick-or-treating
@drjashton. The biggest holiday for candy and chocolate is around the corner. Of course we're talking about Halloween. Given the pandemic brands have been forced to get creative to save our beloved Halloween. Joining us now is ABC news contributor Alicia Quarles is here to tell us about it. Reporter: As an authority on Halloween Mars Wrigley is saying Halloween is not canceled. You have nothing to worry about. While things might be different, we can thank our sponsor Mars Wrigley for making sure we can still enjoy those candy moments. We checked in with them to find out what they have planned for the holiday. We spoke with their north American president Anton Vincent. Take a look. Mars Wrigley has operated during many times of crisis and covid is no different. We've been around for 100 years. We take this responsibility of delivering the ritual very much like other industries when covid hit we went into action and put our safety protocols into place. As you may know, as a food manufacturer we were an essential industry. Our factories have never closed. We focussed on making sure our associates were safe in our factories and at home as well. We were quite focussed on that. Reporter: As the biggest sales driver for chocolate and candy typical Halloween planning starts two years out. This year Mars Wrigley has been forced to shift their consumer approach. As a large scale manufacturer of confection, number one in the world, we take the idea of being serious around our candy and making sure we have everything in place for Halloween. It demands that we have long planning cycle. When covid hit, we knew we had to make some changes and be agile. As a part of a global company we had a sense of what was going on because our folks in China were giving us a playbook. Which we did a couple things immediately. We talked about how do we make sure we keep our favorite things like Snickers, m&ms, and keep them in production in the quantities we know were going to be demanded by the market place. I would say secondly we thought creatively around -- we knew people would have a different sense on how to celebrate Halloween. How can we give them options? We worked with the national safety council to ensure we developed tips to make sure that people had some good sense around how to do in-person trick-or-treating well. Secondly, I'm proud of our technology teams and marketing teams. We put our heads together and said how do we help people engage in this significant ritual called Halloween? We did the Mars Wrigley treat town app. It's the first and only digital app that allows you to trick-or-treat digitally. Reporter: Just because Halloween looks different this year doesn't mean you can't enjoy trick-or-treat. Thanks to Mars Wrigley you can trick-or-treat now from the comfort of your own home. Mars Wrigley treat town is an app. You can do a multitude of you can purchase candy. You can collect points. You can decorate your home door. It's customized. You can take points and redeem them at local retailers for product. Things like m&ms, Snickers, starbursts, all of America's favorites will be available to you as well. I'm particularly proud of treat it forward. In the process of purchasing points those points can be turned into cash and we'll donate that cash to the boys and girls clubs of America. It's our way of treating it forward. Doing a very social media agency. Reporter: Make sure to check out Mars Wrigley treat town for your Halloween fix. Back to you, Amy and T.J. Alicia, a big welcome to you. It's your first appearance on "Gma3." We're looking forward to many,

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Mars Wrigley is keeping people safe with their virtual candy experience, “Treat Town.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73738744","title":"Candy maker creates 1st digital Halloween trick-or-treating","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/candy-maker-creates-1st-digital-halloween-trick-treating-73738744"}