Celebrity beauty must-have looks

Beauty expert Milly Almodovar highlights some of the items that Beyonce, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and other celebs use.
4:49 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for Celebrity beauty must-have looks
I'm about to say Dr. Jen's exciting here. "A" list celebs have a plethora of skincare and make-up favorites that keep them looking flawless on and off the camera. So we brought back our beauty expert Millie Almodovar to give us the inside scoop on the celebrity beauty muffs. Thank you for coming on and being with us today. Thank you for having me again. Nice to see you both. Yes. Always great to see you. Let's get into it. The first product is something apparently the queen B, Beyonce loves to wear. Tell us about it. Yes, Beyonce. This is from her long-time make-up artist. These are his lashes he specifically designed for Beyonce. Everyone is wearing masks, you have to play up the eyes. It's all about the lashes. Why not wear the lashes Beyonce is wearing? We've got the soluna lashes. They're super dramatic. You can wear them for a night out. They have a cat eye and invisible band. They're mink and are about $18. If you want to go a little less dramatic, more daytime friendly, do the full moon, a cat eye but wearable every day. They're $14. There are daytime and nighttime eyes? Correct. Okay. Let's talk about Tiana Taylor. She has a favorite here on the table. What have you got? Yes, Tiana Taylor is talking about the urban skin rx, the even tone cleansing bar. The product, it has really effective ingredients. You have kojic acid. Niacin. Those ingredients brighten up the skin. The biggest issue with many women of color including myself is when we get a pimple, when the pimple goes away, we get that dark mark. That dark mark lasts forever. So the great thing about this product, it has all the brightening agents that kind of speed up the brightening process. This is $24. You can get it at Ulta or at urbanskinrx.com. Cool. I know highlighter is the big thing these days. You've got a cool alternative. These are drops versus a powder highlight? Yes. In a vogue video, they were applying these. It's their custom-enhancer drop. These are great. They're super concentrated drops. She was putting them on her cheeks and her nose. And I -- what I like to do because I use this product, too is in the summertime, I like to mix this with my lotion. So it gives an all over glow to my skin. You can use it by itself, or you can mix it with your foundation to give yourself a really beautiful glow. This is $42. You can get it at Ulta or coverupx.com. I am going for the glow every day. I need that. All right. Millie, next product here, it's a hair brush that Dwayne the rock, I'm bald, Johnson uses this. Explain how a hair brush applies to Dwayne Johnson here. Okay. First, when I saw this, I thought of you. I remember that you are always brushing your daughter's hair. A few months ago Dwayne, he instagramed himself brushing his daughter's hair using this brush. This is an og detangling brush. First of all, it has 30,000 reviews on Amazon. I actually use this brush on my son. It really does detangle without pain. It minimizes breakage and split sends. You can use it wet or dry. The brush is under $12. You can get it on Amazon. Super affordable and really good. Use it on your daughter's hair, T.J., and report back. Yeah. I'll get back to you soon with these. All right. Talk about superaffordable. Another product here. Is this spray deodorant I see? Yes. Ashley graham, this is one of her favorite deodorants. I like it because it's natural. And I hate to say this, but a lot of natural ingredients -- a lot of natural deodorants are not effective. This one is. The main ingredient prevents the odor before it starts. It lasts up to 24 hours. I've tested pretty much every natural deodorants on the this is effective. It is under $3 on Amazon. Supr affordable. Wow. Yes. Great. Give it a try, T.J., let me know how it works. Is it for men and women? Yeah. Is it really? Report back, T.J. All right. I have a lot of reporting back to do with you, Millie. These are all great. Good to see you. Thank you so much as always for keeping us in the know. I know we'll see you soon. Thank you, guys. Just ahead, when we come

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Beauty expert Milly Almodovar highlights some of the items that Beyonce, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and other celebs use. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76205030","title":"Celebrity beauty must-have looks","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/celebrity-beauty-76205030"}