Checking in with New Jersey nurse who lost father to COVID-19

Last year, ABC’s Linsey Davis spoke with Danielle Crespo, and she updates us on how she is doing now and what it has been like on the frontlines of COVID-19.
4:10 | 06/17/21

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Transcript for Checking in with New Jersey nurse who lost father to COVID-19
you about this week, painful milestone, that number, 600,000 deaths from covid-19 here in the U.S., one of which was the dad of a 27-year-old New Jersey nurse who our very own linsey Davis spoke to on this show earlier this year. And we wanted to check back in with Danielle Crespo who is joining us today and thank you so much for being with us this afternoon and if you will, start by talking to us what this past year has been like for you, you not only lost a father, but you were also a health care worker right there on the frontlines caring for so many people who couldn't be with their families. Just give us a sense of what this year has been like for you. Good afternoon, guys. This past year has been one of the most challenging years of my entire life. Starting my new career as a nurse, but then also losing my dad, it was the first loss that I ever experienced, this year was tough, it was challenging, but it was also a year full of growth, which is kind of like bittersweet, I learned so much about myself, and you know, what I could personally handle and go through, and I think nursing, like in care, losing my dad, to covid-19, kind of worked in my favor in a sense, because it kind of made it more rewarding, kind of giving back, take can taking care of my patients, especially during covid, when all of us were scared, nurses and our patients, it was just overall a year of growth both personally and professionally. That is beautiful. Danielle, I was reading, I know not everybody believes in signs, I actually just finished reading a book called "Signs," about getting some sort of a sign from a loved one who has passed, and I was just reading that you have had that experience over this past year, and it's a beautiful one. Would you mind sharing what you've seen since your dad's passing? Yes, of course. I too have heard stories and other people share their stories, and you know, I wasn't even expecting it, but I had a moment, and it was actually after a really tough hard shift, and I was in my car and my car is a bright blue color, and I live in like a very urban area, and I remember just seeing this red cardinal, like bright red, and I looked over, and I was like crying and I was like oh, my god that is such a beautiful bird, I've never seen one in person in my life, and you know, I didn't think much of it, I was just like what is this bird doing here, like in my backyard, it was so random, and I like went up and a few moments later, I looked it up, and actually they say that a red cardinal appears in moments of like stress, distress, to kind of encourage like hope and to, that things are going to get better and they also appear when a loved one is visiting us, and after that, I was so convinced, I'm like that was my dad being there for me, in a moment where I really needed him the most, and he loved birds, and it was just such a beautiful bird, in that moment, and then it happened to me two more times after, so I'm fully convinced that it's him or at least a message from him when I needed it the most, and my siblings are so jealous, because they haven't had that experience, but I'm so lucky, because I truly believe in those things and I like needed that from him. So he was a blessing. Danielle, my grandfather just passed and the red cardinal thing has happened to me, too, so when I read that, I was like wow, I agree, and I think it is this beautiful feeling of hope and knowing that they are still with us. Yes, definitely. Well, Danielle, thank you so much for sharing that, and for all that you've done, all that you continue to do, for everyone, we appreciate you giving this moment of hope and this beautiful moment of reflection about what we've lost, but where we go from here. So thank you very much. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Last year, ABC’s Linsey Davis spoke with Danielle Crespo, and she updates us on how she is doing now and what it has been like on the frontlines of COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78342149","title":"Checking in with New Jersey nurse who lost father to COVID-19","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/checking-jersey-nurse-lost-father-covid-19-78342149"}