Will there be a college football season?

ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung and ESPN College Game Day analyst Kirk Herbstreit have the latest developments on the upcoming season.
7:10 | 08/11/20

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Transcript for Will there be a college football season?
Welcome back area's growing concern that the upcoming college football season will not be played due to the pandemic and still some players. Even president trump pressing officials to make it happen the president meeting simply. Played college football. Self how will all of this play out let's bring in ABC's Caylee hard tongue with us from the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge. And Kirk curb street an analyst for ESPN's college game day in Caylee. All start with you tell us what. Schools have put in place right now to try and get college football going while of course remembering the safety of their athletes. Amy no real dilemma here is this safety of these players the question of how do you protect players in the middle of a pandemic administrators and coaches will tell you. That's always been their top priority to health and safety of their players now they just have a new opponent. In cold in nineteen so the frustration you're hearing from some schools who have resource is like here at LSU since he's spent these past two months with players back in the building. Educating these players about the virus putting new protocols in place figuring out. How to best manage these Steve Nash believes having isolation protocols if someone does test positive. Passing on certain intervals using new technology and innovation to do all of that. But the flip side of that is that you do have schools who don't necessarily have these resource is who haven't done that and we've heard players speak up. To say that they don't feel safe in those environments we're now hearing players unify across the country saying they want universal health mandates in this league because. This league is only as safe finish strong as its weakest link yelled let's talk about that Kirk because you just heard the arguments there the NCAA the conference's. A lot of people point to the fact that they had a lot of time to come together. On night universal plan why hasn't that happened. But the reality is in in college football there are different divisions and and we're getting was getting most of the attention this week. Are the big conference it has the power five. I think it's it's very easy to be on the outside for all of us in the sale isn't the NCAA controlling this and controlling that. They they literally have nothing to do with the power five. What we have the issue we have that's being exploited at this point college football with cold it. It is not so much a lack of leadership. But we have five different leaders because we have five power conferences you can imagine if you're an act well when you're Larry Scott as a commissioner. You're weary but you're worried about your constituents your coaches your president your eighties are your conference. You don't care about the rest of those conferences you're in the Big Ten your focused on the big tents and therefore. We have five different power brokers trying to figure out what's in their best interest up their schools. And that's what I think created a lot of turmoil here early this started over the weekend. About whether or not we're gonna play or not because they a lot of people schedules came out last week people we're heading in the direction of playing. And it's Saturday new started to break that the Big Ten was having second thoughts. That they might not shut things down now the pac twelve has meetings today with their president's. Their thinking of shutting things down so. It's it's it's the NCAA just doesn't have the authority over the power five when it comes to college football to each each conference has their own forehead. Right Ari Caylee so if if there is a season do we know what it will look like. Well just as curt distract power structure. In college football there is no game plan. They've been outlined for what this season would look like on the whole I think the safest bet is for us to look at what soccer looks like being played overseas right now the bubbles that have been created. By Major League Baseball to an extent and and the NBA where you don't see fans allowed in those stadiums that could be what we're looking at a college football season looking like. But it there's also that option of what if this season doesn't happen and that's almost the bigger question for any student athletes near bigger concern is. Well then what next what does that mean for their eligibility. What does that mean for their opportunities week in buildings like this one to have the nutrition to have the work out to have. A safe place to come. From Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Singularly these players are just as much if not more raised if they don't play and that's a big argument that's being made for why there should be a season yet Kirk let me get your thoughts on that Trevor Lawrence Dawson field other players saying they want to play. Do their voice says have any impact. Woolsey I I I would think god. Number one biggest parade these could be here these players having our platform to be or come out and get together and be able to talk about how much that they want to play I think there is an area. Because some of the stories that have been out their and the concerns that some of the players that that I think some of the media and it this is that the players don't want to play. And that's why I think you've seen so many high profile names outsell I don't know we do want to play we're not being forced the play we want to play. Because they enjoy it they love it so. I think that truly it if things get shut down it think it would be for the time being. I think they're holding on as long as they can no great saint he who's the commission the FCC. Their schedules don't start to the latter part of September hoarding on for dear life hoping things might change. Data may be going down trending a different direction that's the hope. But I would not be surprised it if you start to seat well maybe later today maybe eventually did big tent. Delaying the start of their season meet pushing it back to even February. For a march start hoping that there there are therapeutics are or bystanders maybe syndicate hell. With some of these symptoms that help give their players. Peace of mind but right now does not look like we're trending and a great direction for this sport video footage enjoy this or in the fall now the FCC. Date that if there's anybody gonna play football. And I say it'll be a yes yes. CC and to that point will quickly corked do you think it's possible that one conference would play. All were the others don't. Yeah like I'm sitting there they're all either an old silo. And so just because that first domino elicits the pac twelve pulls of the power five's big tent. I don't think it's stared at it painted as it well it's a matter time ACC big twelve SEC they're gonna do they do that Nick Saban last night. They're very adamant about saying why we have to respond to what these other conferences do it. Let's do this follow our plant we're gonna do what we think is right. Based on the medicine based on the doctor's information and they took very topic that they're moving forward. And they're gonna plant which would be bazaar would need to have the Big Ten out at TC act and it just basically have. The FCC would it have the entire Saturday at himself who played football. I don't know that they'd mind that Kirk. I don't know through your girls speaking loudly and I know LSU public feels the same way our Kurt Caylee thank you for your insight we really appreciate both of you today. Cryptic year.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"ABC News’ Kaylee Hartung and ESPN College Game Day analyst Kirk Herbstreit have the latest developments on the upcoming season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72306904","title":"Will there be a college football season?","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/college-football-season-72306904"}