Comedian’s live virtual shows are a hot ticket

Kevin Fredericks has found success online with his streaming comedy show “Keep Your Distance.”
4:39 | 12/01/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Comedian’s live virtual shows are a hot ticket
Well, before the pandemic, comedian Kevin Fredericks was ready to embark on his biggest standup tour yet. Now, Kevin, aka kev on stage is bringing the crowd to him. His biweekly standup show features an array of stand up comics and a small socially distanced live audience. And kev on stage is here with us now getting views he maybe never thought possible. Tell me first, kev, what is the largest virtual audience you've had so far since you started this? Well, the largest ticket purchase is about 14,500. But a lot of those people were having parties so the amount of people watching, you know, could be in the hundreds of thousands, you never know. Okay, but kev, tell me then, what's the largest audience you've had live on stage somewhere when you were performing? The largest I've ever had on stage is 4,000 people, once in Chicago, 2019. That was the biggest audience by far. Usually it ranges between 500 and 1,000, you know, at bigger churches. And most comedy clubs are 2, 300, tops. So this virtual thing has actually been working really well for you. Tell us what the benefits are for people who are watching your virtual show. Is there anything they're getting now that they wouldn't Well, the main thing they're getting is to stay at home and watch it. It's a lot cheaper than a comedy club. Most comedy clubs you have to buy, you know, your ticket, two-drink minimum, parking, whatever, so costs you 50 to a 100 bucks for a night of entertainment and after it's over, it's over. With us, you know, tickets start at $12, $15, and you can watch right then or you can watch tomorrow morning. You cah for 48 hours. So you basically get to right now especially you get to watch it safely at home, and, you know, drink as much as you want, eat as much as you want, because no one can judge you in your own home. Okay, kev, people say, we have our Dr. Ashton sitting on staff and you're telling folks to drink all they want, and eat all they want. I just meant water. I just meant water and some kale. Water and celery, that's all he's saying. Water and celery, as much as your heart desires of water and celery. Kev, this is important for you all and your craft, you can write jokes, you can tell jokes, it's one thing to do it on zoom to have an audience but you're not necessarily getting the feedback. You all need to know if a joke lands or not, you need to know if a joke is good, and this is helping you stay a little sharper, is it not? Absolutely. I mean, you know, comedy is like a muscle, you kind of have to do it often. Obviously it's not safe to perform like we were able to prior to the pandemic, and zoom is great for a lot of things. But it's not great for instant reaction. And I needow if this joke is not funny and I can't know that 10 seconds later, you know, and then the guy walked in. See, you see how that just happened? That's zoom. Okay. What just happened, T.J. Gave me a courtesy laugh, but the doctor was like, I don't even understand what was said, and now I'm sweating. That's what we're trying to avoid, and that's why we try to keep your distance. I know you want to get comics on the show, do you have a dream comic to come on and make people laugh? You know what's crazy, the show is really designed to highlight up and coming comedians, you know, a lot of bigger comedians have had their shot or they're easily able to get it, but with that being said, I would love Dave Chappelle and/or Kevin hart. That type of credibility would kind of like bless the show, but, you know, we have been really happy we have been able to get. Credibility, kev, you're on "Gma3," how much cred do you need? This is as big as it gets for me, "Gma3," there's nowhere but up, kids. I'm on my way. You're good, kev. Thank you so much, you put a big smile on our faces. Wereciate you. Thank you so much for having me. Have a great day. Final thoughts on how much you should consume while you're watching his show, doc? I actually think that some comedians should get honorary medical degrees because laughter can be a type of medicine. It can really make people feel good physically. Gets the blood flowing, oxygen flowing and certainly emotionally. So Dr. Kev. On this show, this hour, us wrapping it up laughing and talking to him just feels good. It really does.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Kevin Fredericks has found success online with his streaming comedy show “Keep Your Distance.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74482754","title":"Comedian’s live virtual shows are a hot ticket","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/comedians-live-virtual-shows-hot-ticket-74482754"}