How cruise ships are setting sail safely during the pandemic

Maggie Rulli reports on how the MSC Grandiosa implemented new safety protocols to create the industry standard for cruising during COVID-19.
3:43 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for How cruise ships are setting sail safely during the pandemic
but some cruise ships are now back, T.J. Can you believe it? The cruise lines international association made an important announcement allowing ships to operate only if they abide by strict safety protocols for their passengers and cruise members. Joining us now from Naples, Italy, is Maggie Rulli with more. Maggie, she's on a cruise Maggie, you're on -- yes, can't believe, you're on a cruise ship, how in the world is this going? What does it like to be on a cruise ship in the midst of the pandemic? Reporter: That's a question everyone's asking me, you're on a cruise during a pandemic? But believe it or not it's happening. We woke up this morning and mt. Vesusvius peeking up behind the clouds. You're also going to see, everyone is wearing masks. A really big part of the safety protocols that the cruise ships are putting into place, testing here on msg grandiosa, is universal testing. T.J. And Amy, every single person you see behind me, myself included, we have been tested at least once by the cruise ship before getting on this cruise ship today. The cruise members have been tested three times. We're on this massive floating social safe bubble. Authorities say that's really the first step to protecting travel, protecting the cruise ship, and it's working, so we boarded in genoa about two days ago, and we got on and tested negative. But two people that were trying to board that day with us they tested positive. Themselves and four other people they were denied boarding. Couldn't get on this cruise ship. One way to keep these passengers safe. Right now, we're at about 40% capacity, that's roughly 2,000 people onboard this ship. Every single one of them have been tested. Every time people board, at every port, each night, seven nights long, they'll be tested also. Wow, so everyone's wearing masks, there's obviously testing going on daily, but are we still going to see the same kind of activities that we normally see on a cruise ship? I see everyone's in the pool there. Reporter: Amy, testing is just the first step in this testing protocol, so in addition, I mentioned those face masks, every one out here in public areas they're all wearing face masks, it's mandatory. Social distancing is also mandatory. You'll notice that the beach chairs are staggered. So people don't get too close to each other. Another big question, air ventilation, onboard this ship, it's 100% fresh air, nothing has been recycled. These are just some of the measures that they are taking to make sure that people can cruise safely during a pandemic. What does this mean for the industry here in the united States, can we expect some kind of comeback, and is there really a market right now for people wanting to get back on a cruise ship? Reporter: Yeah, T.J., right now unfortunately Americans aren't allowed onboard this ship. And cruising is still blocked along the coast of the U.S. But I want to give you guys some good news, you, too, can be out here soon. The cruise line industry is working with the CDC right now, try to prove to them that this is a test case, everyone has been tested, they've been doing this for six weeks safely, they hope by showing how you can cruise safely, Americans can get on here and get onboard soon. It looks beautiful. That outdoor dance class that's right -- that's my jam. Right up T.J.'s alley. Right up T.J.'s alley, Maggie. Thank you so much. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Maggie Rulli reports on how the MSC Grandiosa implemented new safety protocols to create the industry standard for cruising during COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73169781","title":"How cruise ships are setting sail safely during the pandemic","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/cruise-ships-setting-sail-safely-pandemic-73169781"}