Can my family get together if we’ve all been vaccinated?

Dr. Jen Ashton answers your COVID-19 vaccine and health questions.
2:19 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for Can my family get together if we’ve all been vaccinated?
Thank you. We have Dr. Jen Ashton here with answers to the questions that you've been asked. So the first question, if all members of our family get vaccinated, and we wait 15 to 20 days after the second dose, are we then able to get together without masks and social distancing? Not so fast. Oh, no. Vaccines obviously critically important in preventing severe disease and therefore saving lives, okay? However, and here's the big but, as they say. First of all, 95% effective does not mean 100%. Okay? 5% is a real number. So you might be in that group. Remember, that it is 95%, 94% efficacy, refers to if the vaccine's ability to reduce the rate of severe disease. It doesn't necessarily mean it prevents infection. You can be infected and asymptomatic. And then remember that, you know, yocan still be exposed, you can still get someone in your bubble that could potentially get sick, so can you loosen up a little? Can you eventually get back to that? Yes, but not so fast. When? When? If you listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci, when about 80% of the United States is vaccinated. And that is als -- -we're keeping an eye on these new variants as well, so it is just not that simple. Next question. Is cardio or strength training better for weight loss? I love this question, and we actually did a deep dive into this nutritional science research when I was getting my degree in nutrition. The answer is surprising, because we know cardio is good. But you can't rely only on cardio for weight loss. Studies have shown that the people who lose the most weight and keep it off are those who do a combination of weights, resistance training, which is so important, especially for women, and cardio, and that cardio for weight loss really should be, as I say, low and slow. Long duration. 60 minutes if possible. But not at your maximum rate of exertion. Because the lower the heart rate Zones are actually the fat-burning Zones. And don't muscles burn fat as well? So the more muscle you have -- Right, and the harder you exert yourself you're actually getting your energy from muscle breakdown, not fat. Thank you very much, Dr. Jen. You can submit questions to Dr. Jen on her Instagram @drjashton. We wait for this segment

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Dr. Jen Ashton answers your COVID-19 vaccine and health questions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75279190","title":"Can my family get together if we’ve all been vaccinated?","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/family-weve-vaccinated-75279190"}