Female-run small business gets big surprise

Amanda Stokes, whose company faced incredible challenges during the pandemic, is getting $10,000 and Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Rolls to help keep her business going!
4:57 | 11/12/20

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Transcript for Female-run small business gets big surprise
With the holidays -- yes, I said the holidays -- around the corner many small businesses hoping to get back on their feet after being hit so hard by the pandemic over the last several months. Here to share one inspiring story of the business owner beating those odds is Alicia Quarles. Alicia, hey there. Thank you, T.J. Our next guest has faced many challenges this year but staying optimistic and positivity through her business. Please take a look. I'm Amanda stokes. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm a book binder. My business started in 2016 when I was repairing old books and I realized and was encouraged by other artists to start making a product that I could show my work. I figured I would make one simple classic rustic brown journal and then I realized all the materials I had been working with over the years were really perfect for making something extra beautiful and extra unique with different papers, leathers and colors and all sorts of fun stuff. The pandemic affected us with the workshops we had lined up for the year and, of course, we do some craft shows. Those were cancel we do art shows too. Our plan for the holidays is to get the word out about my leather legacy journal kits. We have a dyi tutorial that you can access. I feel like it's a great way to spend time with your family, whether in person or do a virtual activity together. Joining us now is the small business owner who has been working overtime to keep her business afloat, Amanda stokes. You've been pivoting your business. How are you currently doing? Thanks so much, Alicia. We pivoted like a lot of other business owners and people in the American spirit is strong. We are doing well right now. It was definitely a scramble for so long to figure out what we're going to do now that we can't get out into the community one on one with people. It's been tricky, but it's going all right so far. As you said, it's been tricky. What have you been your biggest challenge this is year to adapt your business? One, I really personally loved the idea of being able to go to different art shows and touch base with people one on one and make that connection and really get to know our community well. That's been really hard personally. As we all know, not seeing those faces as much. Then moving our business online has been super tricky to realize everything we've been doing in person now needs to go online. So now we're making sure that video tutorial looks good and is available on the website. Now we're shipping every day. I'm scrambling to learn what I need to do to ship, the fastest, most efficiently to Canada, to all over the United States, et cetera. That's taking up my days instead of figuring out where we'll go to see people in person. Amanda, we know you've had challenge in shipping. Given that your orders will be picking up I have exciting news for you. Scotch brand is giving you a year's supply of their shipping roll and they're also giving you $10,000 to help you grow your business. How does that sound? You're in shock. Oh, my goodness. That's a lot of tears. That means I can buy the kids clothes and pay bills at the same time. I know what I can do to grow the business so that things are more efficient and they get into the hands of so ore people during this crazy year that is 2020. I can't wait to see what's in store for Amanda's business. Whether you're a small business owner LI Amanda or you're shipping gifts to your loved ones, thanks to our sponsor scotch brand and their flex and seal shipping roll, you can save time and space and say good-bye to those boxes. Just cut, fold, press and ship. Amanda isn't the only lucky one. Head over to abcgma3.com to see your chance and win to scotch shipping rolls, scissors, a scotch tote bag, plus a Walmart gift card. Thank you so much to our sponsor, scotch brand. Amanda, we wish you all the best. Amy and T.J., back to you. Alicia, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Amanda Stokes, whose company faced incredible challenges during the pandemic, is getting $10,000 and Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Rolls to help keep her business going!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74173124","title":"Female-run small business gets big surprise","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/female-run-small-business-big-surprise-74173124"}