‘GMA3’ exclusive: ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’ stars’ big announcement

L. Steven Taylor and Michael James Scott share some big news and talk about what theater fans can expect in 2021.
5:19 | 05/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘GMA3’ exclusive: ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’ stars’ big announcement
Earlier today it was officially announced that Disney's "The lion king" Broadway show is coming back September 14th. But there's even more big news. We have two exclusive surprises. Yes, not only is Disney's "Lion king" returning September 14th but Disney's "Alladin" returning September 28th, just two weeks later. And we are very excited to hear more about the big news and that other exclusive surprise. Our first in-person live guests since the pandemic began. We're joined now by the "Lion king's" L. Stephen Taylor, muphasa and the genie from alladin. Thank you. Thank you for coming. I can't stop screaming. I'm like -- This is certainly a sign of the times. We are on our way. And yes, we all, Broadway lovers, were screaming as well when we heard the use. But I'm curious, L. Stephen, what was your reaction when you heard you were going to be back up on the stage this fall? You know, so the first thing that I did, I called my aunt because there is not a day that's gone by she hasn't asked when we are coming back. Listened to her scream in my ear on the phone about three minutes and then I did the same. It's really been kind of a big really excited to go back and see the people I love. Perform the show that I love and, you know, for the audiences that we miss. I'm just really, really all-around excited and grateful. We know your reaction. You have been screaming ever since. Fine. But this is a big deal. You brought out the big suit for the big day. Not just Broadway back. What's it like? You haven't been back to new York in a year. I have not been back to new York. I had to come back with a splash, with the suit, with the show, with you all outside in times square. Is really, I was like -- it was like Christmas morning for me. I couldn't sleep last night. It means so much to be a new Yorker and be a part of this community. So to be able to come back to know that we are coming back bigger and stronger and fiercer than ever with so many things that have happened. It's just, my heart is just pumping with joy. Coming out of chair. I'm coming out. I'm ready to perform right here. Let's go. For those of us who have been in New York throughout the pandemic, yes, we love our city. But it hasn't been the same. You know, we miss those lines. Here in times square, waiting excitedly to get into the theaters and see those live performances, talk about what it means to the Broadway community to not just be able to do what you love but to have the people there cheering you on and excited and waiting in those lines to be in those theaters with you. New York is not New York without Broadway. We're really excited. There were some like 280,000 people coming to show a show per week pre-pandemic. So we're really excited to get back to that and know that once we are getting back to that in the fall that we can officially say New York is back. We're in the heart of new York, the heart of times square and Broadway is such a New York thing. Isn't this representative -- just like something to see sports back. What is the symbol being sent not just for New York but the country to see the lights back on in Broadway. I think it is that word, lights. There is a lightness about what we do about this idea of your escape, not on a zoom, you know, but in actually in front of you. We're thrilled because we have an exclosive here on "Gma3." There's a new ticket program with ticket incentives to share. Tell us about it. For the first time you can have huge savings and do a double show package. You can see "Lion king" and "Aladdin" and save huge if you decide to purchase tickets together. And wait, there is more. Now, with that, in this unprecedented moment, Disney is going to cover, 100% cover the ticketmaster fees and service charges. We're talking #flexible, #feeless. It is really exciting and also you will be able to exchange or even cancel up to, at no charge, up to the day of the performance. And including the day of the performance as well. Nobody's canceling. Nobody's canceling. How you gonna -- no. No. You got to see all the glitter. So folks, that's "Lion king," that begins September the 14th, and "Aladdin" beginning September 28th. It was a pleasure. Thank you gentlemen. And come back soon. We'll come back and put on the costume and we'll perform for all, everybody. We can't wait. Ways a pleasure, Michael James Scott. L. Steven Taylor. And Broadway is back everyone. When we come back here on

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"L. Steven Taylor and Michael James Scott share some big news and talk about what theater fans can expect in 2021. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77625034","title":"‘GMA3’ exclusive: ‘Aladdin’ and ‘The Lion King’ stars’ big announcement","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/gma3-exclusive-aladdin-lion-king-stars-big-announcement-77625034"}