‘GMA3’ surprise for beloved retired postal worker

Amy and T.J. honor Tim Rodgers, who delivered mail to the same Ohio community for 22 years.
8:13 | 05/17/21

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Transcript for ‘GMA3’ surprise for beloved retired postal worker
You may remember a story that recently went viral. A community in Ohio delivered a special surprise for the man that they deemed the best mailman in the world. So when the neighbors got word that Tim Rodgers would soon be retiring they decked out his entire 60-mile route with signs, of support and appreciation for the man who became forever known as family to them, for the last 22 years. Wow. So when we heard about this beloved member of this community, we knew we just had to meet him. Take a look. My name is Tim Rodgers. I've recently retired from the United States postal service as a letter carrier. I retired at the end of March, and the last day was pretty emotional, the outpouring of love was almost overwhelming. In my retirement, I'm probably going to miss the relationships and the people the most. I've seen a lot of their families grow up. And it was the same thing with my family, my daughters have grown up. I have two beautiful daughters, they're just the best kids ever, just really blessed that they've turned out like they did. My wife, we were married for 13 years, and then she developed breast cancer, it was almost 25 years ago that she passed. So my daughters were really young. I'm just grateful that she was able to give her input with the kids and that helped me in how I raised them, and how they ended up turning out. Raising the girls was kind of crazy, because I wanted them to keep the same lifestyle, so I worked as hard as I could. Now that I'm retired, I'm really looking forward to more time with my family, but I'm probably going to miss the relationships and the people the most. I'm definitely going to miss seeing those folks every day. Joining us now is the best mailman in the world, the now-retired Tim Rodgers. Tim, thank you so much for being with us. Congratulations on your retirement and we should say that was a beautiful piece, but seeing the signs that your neighbors put out doesn't do the scope of this justice because literally nearly every single neighbor on your route surprised you with a sign. What did that outpouring of love and support mean for you? Hi, you guys. Hi, T.J., and Amy, it's an honor to be on your show. And yeah, it was just incredible. It was overwhelming. I didn't expect, you know, I really didn't know what to expect. Tim, did you have, did you also have some special moments? Really the past year, we've been so far apart, right, we haven't had a lot of visitors to the house, we haven't seen a lot of friends, a lot of family, but you stayed consistent, I guess for a lot of these folks through the pandemic, and you were stopping by, every day, almost, still, did that, how did that play into the past year, the idea of community, over the past year during the pandemic? It was special. You know, you feel that duty or that obligation or whatever, and that was the relationships and stuff I developed over the years, with these people and stuff. So sometimes I was their only contact. There's a lot of retired people out there and stuff and sometimes I was their only contact, so knowing that I could keep some normalcy in their lives and bring them things that they needed, that they couldn't get out and get and stuff, you know, it was important, and I was glad to fill that role. Tim, I love when you first started out, you loved the job because you loved to drive and you loved listening to your music. But what you loved about the job definitely changed over the years. Talk about that a little. Yeah, that's exactly right, Amy. When I first started, like I said, when the route came open, I thought it was a good opportunity to get out there and do my own thing or whatever, and the people out in the country were a little bit different once I got out there, and laid back and more friendly, and you know, they kind of put it out to me, and I put it back to them, as far as just developing those relationships and stuff. And it was different than living in the city in a little, it was just different, it was just enjoyable, like I said, it was just, they developed into like family to me. Well, we are going to take a quick break here, Tim, because we have to ask you, we saw somebody put up a sign, it was congratulating you on your retirement and saying, going fishing, we're curious what you are going to do in retirement, we're going to ask you about that and if you're going to go fishing. Stay with us right here folks on "Gma3." We're right back with Tim. To us, the little things are the big things. 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{"duration":"8:13","description":"Amy and T.J. honor Tim Rodgers, who delivered mail to the same Ohio community for 22 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77737976","title":"‘GMA3’ surprise for beloved retired postal worker","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/gma3-surprise-beloved-retired-postal-worker-77737976"}