Holiday decoration tips that won’t break the bank

Vintage lifestyle expert Bob Richter teaches you how to repurpose things in your home to make it festive for the holidays.
3:54 | 11/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday decoration tips that won’t break the bank
Welcome back to "Gma3." After a tough financial year forny and with the holidays right around the corner, some folks may be looking for ways to cut back on spending extra money to decorating the house this year. Luckily, vintage lifestyle expert Bob Richter is here to show us how to use this things we already have in our homes to decorate this holiday season. I don't know that we have a 1949 rca TV lying around like you have behind you, but tell us why this year, more important than ever, we can go vintage. Well, I'm very inspired by the greatest generation, those who lived during World War II, and I feel like we're in similar times. We're having to do without, we're having to do without our loved there's an enormous amount of comfort around things from the past -- vintage ornaments, lights, decorations, music. All the greatest Christmas songs came out of World War II and that era. They're all about keeping the faith that things are going to get better and that these joyful ornaments do as well -- they bring back wonderful memories and make us feel good, and that's kind of what we need right now. We don't hao go out and buy some stuff, right? What's in the house right now we can use? I'm willing to bet that you have some vintage ornaments somewhere in a garage, attic, or basement. This is a box that a lot of people know. Shiny bright company. We have uncle Sam shaking hands with Santa Claus, and inside are quintessentially American ornaments. They are joyful, happy.and what born out O world War II was a desire for Americans to celebrate an American Christmas, and that's when these came into fruition. And so many people have them. They look great and you can display them in any way you you don't have to put them on a what I do is put them in a bowl on a side table. They just look nice, feel good this one's special to me because it was given to me by the people who sold me my home, and it hung in this house for 50 christmases. I make sure to have it out and think of them and honor them. Just looking at the lights in the tree and the mantle takes me right back to my childhood. That's the idea. And I bet it makes you feel good, right? Of course. Those lights, by the way, they're known as bubble lights, and that's another thing that people probably have somewhere in an attic or basement or garage. This box, again, it's very well recognized by so many people. Open it up, and inside you've got bubble lights like are bubbling over my head. Again, you don't have to put them on a tree. I have them circled into these trees right here, but what's behind me is known as a candleer. You can find those online and display your old bubble lights in a way that doesn't make you worried about old wiring and that kind of stuff. And they produce new versions which are available online. My pal and others make them. They're wonderful and you still get that great vintage feeling. A lot of people are cutting back. Give us help if we want to give an affordable gift maybe something a little bit vintage. What would you recommend? I get people who say all the time, my kids don't want my stuff, they don't want my dining room furniture. They don't want my figurines. You know what your kids want? Records. These records are easily recognizable. I bet they're also in your attic, basement or garage. And you could wrap one up, give it to the millennial or gen Z on your list, and make them happy and literally bring the generations together. I'm telling you, Bob, my 17-year-old stepson, that's all he wants for Christmas are new albums. He has a record player. What's old is new. I'm hearing you. Bob Richter, thank you so much for all of those ideas. We certainly appreciate it. My pleasure.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Vintage lifestyle expert Bob Richter teaches you how to repurpose things in your home to make it festive for the holidays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74399099","title":"Holiday decoration tips that won’t break the bank","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/holiday-decoration-tips-wont-break-bank-74399099"}