New Jersey secretary of state addresses voter fraud allegations

Tahesha Way comments on Trump’s claims, the state’s educational campaign “New Jersey Votes” and more.
4:29 | 10/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Jersey secretary of state addresses voter fraud allegations
New Jersey's first predominantly vote by mail presidential election is already under way with ballots sent to 6 million active registered voters. And here to give us an update of what's going on in new Jersey, secretary of state tahesha way. Thank you for being with us. Give us an idea of what you're seeing this time around versus four years ago. What kind of a spike are you seeing? Sure, and thanks for having me. We have automatically sent 6 million active registered new Jersey voters a vote by mail and an estimated 1.7 million have already returned those ballots. And our voters have four options to return their ballots. They can do it by mail, but we're encouraging voters to do not delay at one of our 300 secure drop boxes and in person at their local county board of elections because, yes, there will be in-person voting, there are about 500 polling locations across the state. 1500 polling locations across the state with at least one location open in every single New Jersey municipality. Secretary way, back in August, president trump's re-election campaign sued your state to stop the governor's order to send ballots to all 6 million registered voters, allegedly, quote, countless individuals have been convicted of voter fraud tied to absentee ballots over the last decade, end quote, your reaction to that? Sure, I would say that any claim by anyone like that is false. Voter fraud is exceedingly rare and when it occurs it's caught. It's also disappointing that any person attempts to undermine voter confidence like this, that's why voters need to know the facts. That's why vote by mail has signature verification, there's the unique bar codes on envelopes, every county has a different design and there's the chain of custody. Back in July, the primary took several days to get the results of some of the elections there in New Jersey. Election night, November, will you have results that night or will it take several days for the presidential election? Certainly, this is one of the questions that oftentimes asked. I know with New Jersey there are several measures that we have taken to give the counties the necessary time they need to conduct an election and count all properly cast ballots, that's why we have the new law which is permitting county board of elections to count ten days early, on October 24th, of course no tabulated votes will be available until the polls close. Secretary, right now, your state running an educational campaign called New Jersey votes, tell us about it and why it's so important. Certainly. New Jersey votes is a multimedia, multiple language campaign launched to ensure that our all voters are well informed. For more than a decade, New Jersey voters have been able to choose to vote by mail without providing a reason and even before the pandemic, an estimated 600,000 voters automatically voted by mail. But still, we want to ensure everybody knows the process is safe, simple and secure, so what our campaign is doing is highlighting that voters should make a plan. We're providing the important election deadlines, secure drop box and polling locations, how to properly cast your vote by mail ballot and how to become a poll worker. We're also driving people to our new portal,, for the basic faqs and their local office contact information. Tahesha way, good luck to all of you in New Jersey. Like you said, lot of folks know they need to have a plan to vote. Good luck. We'll keep an eye on things there. We'll talk to you again soon. Thank you, T.J. And Amy.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Tahesha Way comments on Trump’s claims, the state’s educational campaign “New Jersey Votes” and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73697198","title":"New Jersey secretary of state addresses voter fraud allegations","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/jersey-secretary-state-addresses-voter-fraud-allegations-73697198"}