Jon Ossoff on David Perdue: ‘A betrayal of the public trust’

The Georgia Senate candidate talks about his upcoming run-off election, the late John Lewis and more.
5:29 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for Jon Ossoff on David Perdue: ‘A betrayal of the public trust’
Senate. The stakes are high. Joining us now is the man challenging one of Georgia's senate incumbents, Democrat Jon ossoff. Thank you so much for being with us. This run-off election just a month away. Talk about your efforts trying to get voters to head back to the polls. How arduous of a task is this? What are you doing try to encourage them to do so? Thank you so much for having me. Great to speak with you. We are just electrifying a grassroots movement here to turn out and make our voices heard in Georgia. People are feeling hope for the first time in four years. Donald Trump is leaving. We now have the opportunity to write the next chapter in American history to get out of this pandemic and economic crisis, to pass a new civil rights act to secure equal justice for all, to invest in infrastructure and clean energy, to recover economically and get out of this environmental crisis that we face. We can only do these things by winning these two elections in Georgia. We're communicating to people the stakes and making sure they know early voting begins on December 14th. You talk about the stakes. Part of that is you're trying to defeat senator perdue, a guy you called a crook. You are standing by that you say even though he has been cleared of wrong doing. Talking about these stock trades he was investigated. He has been cleared. He said he did nothing wrong. He was cleared in that investigation. Are you standing by this idea of him being a crook? Are you accusing him of insider He hasn't been cld of wrong doing. He just hasn't been indicted. What he did is unethical on its face. The investigation is closed. They said they weren't investigating anymore. I want to be clear on that. The doj said they weren't moving forward and didn't find any evidence of wrong doing. That's not enough for you? And the standard -- no, it's not. It's absolutely not. It's not enough for the people of Georgia. The standard for a U.S. Senator must be higher than merely that he was not criminally prosecuted. He's been telling us all year long he doesn't control his stock portfolio. Federal investigators found he does direct his own stock trades. He was trading banking stocks while he sat on the banking committee. He was trading stocks in defense characters while he funneled tax payer money to them. He was buying vaccine and medical equipment stocks while he was getting classified briefings on covid-19 and telling the rest of us it was no deadlier than the flu. Whether he's been criminally prosecuted or not, what he did is deeply wrong, a betrayal of the public trust. He has forfeited that trust and does not deserve to be re-elected. There has to be accountability and it comes at the ballot box. Do you believe voters are choosing between you and your opponent or do you believe that people are coming to the polls to decide the control of the senate at this point or do you think it's a mixture of both? What is motivating people, do you think, to make their decision? I think that people understand that these senate ons will determine senate control. We've had just four years of miserable division, no constructive progress, so much hateful politics and now this crisis that's taken nearly a quarter of a million -- more than a quarter of a million lives. Jobs and businesses and homes on the line. We can't have gridlock and government shutdowns and obstructionism. We need to get things done for the people and we can only do that by winning these two senate races. I know you were an intern for the legendary civil rights icon John Lewis. As a former boss and mentor, how did he influence you? What do you hope to bring to Washington if you're elected that he gave to you? Congressman Lewis had a beautiful soul and a clear moral compass. He talked about building the beloved community here in America. That mean as place where we recognize that it's foolish to be divided by racism, that we don't have to accept poverty and violence as the status quo. In honor of congressman Lewis, having lost him this year and with all eyes on Georgia, let's unite the people to get out and vote, to secure the basics for people. Access to affordable housing and health care. Dignified work that pays a living wage. Equal justice under the law. That's the America we have the opportunity to build right now. We don't have to be at each other's throats. We should be focussed on writing this next chapter in our history, reaching our highest potential as a people and a country. We're moving on from these four years. In order to move on with the hope and energy and inspiration that we deserve as Americans, we got to these two senate races in Georgia. Jon ossoff, there's going to be a lot of attention on the state of Georgia. Already has been, but it will continue to be there. We appreciate your time. Hope to check in with you again before those run-offs. Any time. We'll talk to you soon. Thank you so much. We would like to note that we also extended an invitation to ossoff's opponent, Republican senator David Purdue. He was unavailable at the moment. We want him to know our invitation remains open and available.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"The Georgia Senate candidate talks about his upcoming run-off election, the late John Lewis and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74519824","title":"Jon Ossoff on David Perdue: ‘A betrayal of the public trust’","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/jon-ossoff-david-perdue-betrayal-public-trust-74519824"}