Lacey Chabert dishes on new Hallmark movie

The “Queen of Hallmark movies” previews her latest TV film, “Sweet Carolina.”
1:59 | 05/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lacey Chabert dishes on new Hallmark movie
You know our next guest from her hit roles in party of five, mean girls and her more than 25 hallmark movies. Her latest "Sweet Carolina" premieres this Saturday on the Hallmark Channel. Take a look. Seems Mr. And Mrs. Gable threw a bit of a curveball your way. What? What kind of curveball? Turns out Mr. Wilder, you and your wife are not the legal guardians. So who is? You are, Josie. Ali chose you. Me? Ooh. Joining us now hallmark queen herself welcome back to the program Lacey chabert. Good to see you again. How are you doing? So good to see both of you. I'm doing great, thank you so much for having me. We're told you're doing so great because you just -- was it just yesterday you had a Disney trip? Yes, my daughter is 4, Julia, and our absolute favorite place to go is disneyland, so we were so thrilled it opened again. We spent three days there so I had more popcorn and churros and -- Well, there's a lot to celebrate. You got your new movie out tomorrow night. We said it's called "Sweet Carolina." But you not only star in it and executive produce it you also co-created it? I did, yeah. You know, this is -- I've done 27 films now for hallmark, and my goal is to make each one better than the last and tell different types of stories and have been wanting to tell a story that was a bit more dramatic, and so we spent the last couple of years developing this and, you know, I think it's a tearjerker, but it also has a lot of moments of levity and, you know, it's about finding hope and learning to take and put one foot in front of the other after an injury and a tragedy. Lacey chabert, thanks so much for joining us. Check out "Sweet Carolina." It premieres tomorrow night on Hallmark Channel.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"The “Queen of Hallmark movies” previews her latest TV film, “Sweet Carolina.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77690916","title":"Lacey Chabert dishes on new Hallmark movie","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/lacey-chabert-dishes-hallmark-movie-77690916"}