Men, makeup and masculinity

Activist and author David Yi talks about redefining masculinity and his new book, “Pretty Boys.”
3:53 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for Men, makeup and masculinity
Turn now to a makeup segment, makeup and men and masculinity. A new guide unearthed how icons throughout history have redefined gender expression through beauty. That's right, those revelations and skin care hacks are in the new book "Pretty boys." Find their most authentic selves. Here to tell us about it is David Yi. David, thanks for being with us. In your book you went on a journey basically to redefine what masculinity is, so how do you think this book is going to help people and men and even society as a whole? Well, the book is the history of men, makeup and masculinity from the beginning of time until now, and we have an opportunity to redefine masculinity for a new generation. We don't have to box ourselves into what society has told us to be. I would say being free in your authentic self is when you can really change the world, like the changemakers in the book "Pretty boys." And history is really important to expand who we believe we can be. Knowing the history is the key to moving forward. And being comfortable in your own skin is the first step. I really do think that being yourself, again, can really push culture forward and you and yourself can change the world by defining your identity on your own terms. But David, you talked about some of these icons through history that you talk about in the book, which ones do you highlight and why them? There are so many and it's hard to choose. The neanderthals. Believe it or not, they dabbed their face with foundation. This was 50,000 years ago. Let's talk about king Louis XIV. One day he said I want to make wigs a trend. A trending item all throughout Europe. Of course we can't forget our vikings, the fiercest warriors. They were big, but they were beauty boys, pretty boys who had beauty kits next to their shields and their swords. Of course they are precursors to pretty boys today. I'm talking about bad bunny, his acrylic nails. Harry styles. And of course my favorite bts, men who are heartthrobs who happen to wear makeup, colorful hair, and the swaggiest demeanor. When we look back in history, we can get inspiration, know where we come from. David, you talk about masculinity, is that just a social construct? T.J., that's completely correct. We created these constructs during the world wars, World War I and World War II, where makeup was projected and told to be used only by women and men were supposed to be hypermasculine, and I think we're becoming to ourselves. Look at the an mall kingdom, we have peacocks and male ducks. I think a softer side of masculinity is what we need. David, you know what, I'm going to try makeup for a change. You wear makeup every day. You're wearing makeup right now.- No, no. I've been trying to stick with this natural thing, David. But you've brought me around. I think I'll try some makeup That's right. That's right. David, nobody believes me. I have so much foundation on my face right now. David, it's really cool to see you. Thank you so, so much. It sounds really fascinating. It's called "Pretty boys," available now wherever books are sold. Thank you so much. I love people who are confident in being who they are. It's such an inspiration. Like you said, you learn something. The history. So cool. Stay with us here on "Gma3,"

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Activist and author David Yi talks about redefining masculinity and his new book, “Pretty Boys.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78420767","title":"Men, makeup and masculinity","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/men-makeup-masculinity-78420767"}