Michigan governor encourages Biden-Harris to prioritize her state

Gretchen Whitmer gives her take on the presidential election and how the GOP’s push to fill the Supreme Court vacancy will affect it.
3:08 | 09/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan governor encourages Biden-Harris to prioritize her state
Two Michigan one of this year's top swing states governor Gretchen Widmer has become a national figure during this pandemic leading Michigan through locked down. Now the governor has just 41 days to do what she wants to do help vice president Joseph Biden. Bring Michigan back to Democrats. Here to discuss this and much more is governor Gretchen with former governor president trump won Michigan by 101000 votes back in 20162. Years later. You defeated your Republican opponent a trump supporter by 400000. Votes so with just 41 days as we said left until November 3 what are you predicting will happen in your state. What's all the ballots are counted. I've been encouraging the Biden here is campaigns make sure that they. He prioritizing Michigan come here you're yesterday we're trying to make sure people understand that you can vote from home secretly right now showing up in your clerk's office starting tomorrow you can cast your bowel. Right now this week it begins and that's why it's so important that in the next at this pandemic. People get their absentee ballot and get it filled out quickly and turn it in court. You met governor with senator camel I Harris who visited your state yesterday. Can you tell us about that meeting I'm curious if you offered advice to senator Harris about winning over Michigan voters and if so what did you say. Well look Pamela Harris and Joseph Biden spent quite a bit of time in Michigan about get a picture. I think they resonate with Michigan matters they don't necessarily meet my advice but I am here to help them every step of the way each because people in Michigan are hardworking good people just like Americans are sure we want and deserve a government our government. President and leadership in Washington DC and Enola also government. That is good and his artwork as we are. Biden and Harris bring integrity they bring up land and the third work is going to improve the quality of our lives and that's what is all about. All eyes are on Washington DC. Exactly at this hour at this point Ruth Bader Ginsburg lying in proposed fare and I know you looked up to her. What do you how do you remember her and do you think the fight to fill her vacant seat the politicizing. So to speak of of her seat will influence voters in your state. Art I was devastated by her passing on Friday night's speech she has been an inspiration as a woman as eighty lawyer as the mother of two girls such I am bandit looking that your Ruth Bader Ginsburg for a long time and this isn't. A real loss for our nation. For many generations albans England and future generations and so I do think that the addition station and doling does vacancy. Is is going to have an impact on the selection. I think that it is really important that people have their say on November 3 and whoever wins as the once you appoint. I don't know if that's going to be the case and that's why in her memory. In her honor and in her spirit we're gonna work incredibly hard every day through this election. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmore we certainly appreciate your time today thank you so much for coming back on the program. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Gretchen Whitmer gives her take on the presidential election and how the GOP’s push to fill the Supreme Court vacancy will affect it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73197911","title":"Michigan governor encourages Biden-Harris to prioritize her state","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/michigan-governor-encourages-biden-harris-prioritize-state-73197911"}