Minneapolis reverend shares message of hope after Chauvin trial

Reverend Angela Khabeb reacts to yesterday’s verdict.
3:03 | 04/21/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Minneapolis reverend shares message of hope after Chauvin trial
Yesterday, after former Minneapolis police officer Derek chauvin was found guilty on all three counts in the death of George Floyd, the city of Minneapolis cheered and cried in the streets, grateful accountability had been served. And our friend, reverend Angela khabeb, pastor at holyrinity lutheran church there in Minneapolis, as you might imagine, was at the heart of those celebrations. So T.J., I know you're with the aforementioned reverend Angela, now in Minneapolis, standing next to each other. Look at that. She's been a friend of the show for so long, we have to see her on the screen, and we get to physically stand here. It is good to see you. We can always, robes, we can feel her energy through the screen, you cannot believe the energy I can feel from this lady right now. Reverend, how are you doing today? I'm doing so well. It's great to be here. Thanks for having me. Tell me what the vibe was, I keep saying the word relief is what I felt around the city, but you were there at 38th and Chicago, what was the sense from the crowd? Just like that sheer grief and that sheer pain, those shear tears that we shed when we watched the video of his being murdered a year ago, all of that pain, it was the shared sense of relief and joy, and people were screaming, they could see us, guilty on all three counts, it was just something I never thought I'd live long enough to see. Reverend, I mean, you have been a faith leader for so many, for so long, and we have had you on this show, so many times, because we've never needed someone like you more in our lives, but think about what you've witnessed from this pandemic, and the heart break with the black lives matter movement to yesterday's verdict, can you tell us how you have personally been feeling guiding and leading people through all of this and to come where we came to yesterday? It was, I'm telling you, Amy, there is a scripture in the bible, in psalms, how long, O lord, how long will you forget me forever, and then I as the pastor, have to say, oh, there, there, not much longer. Not much longer. There's another scripture in psalm 27, wait I say on the lord. Wait I say on the lord. Wait and the lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. I'm so tired of telling people to wait on the lord. But yesterday, I got to say, I say guilty, you say three counts. Guilty, three counts. We just had a blast. Reverend khabeb, my goodness, it is so good to see you and have you here, she's fully vaccinated, I'm fully vaccinated but she said not yet, T.J., we have to wait until it's totally completely gone before we hug it out. But it is so good to have you and good to see you. Good luck with your final thoughts back there, guys. I don't think we can top reverend khabeb. But thank you both. Thank you, T.J. Thank you, reverend khabeb. We appreciate you both and your words of wisdom from Kool and

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Reverend Angela Khabeb reacts to yesterday’s verdict. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77218093","title":"Minneapolis reverend shares message of hope after Chauvin trial","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/minneapolis-reverend-shares-message-hope-chauvin-trial-77218093"}