2 moms’ innovative approach to children’s fashion

Borobabi is a circular retailer that has revolutionized how families shop and take care of their kids' clothing.
2:52 | 04/15/21

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Transcript for 2 moms’ innovative approach to children’s fashion
We're back now with the moms who are co-founders of a new company designed to help overwhelmed parents and our planet with sustainable fashion. Let's check out borrow baby. I think my favorite thing about motherhood is seeing our children learn new things. I think that becoming a mom, it completely changes the way that you view the world. The idea, and the inspiration for borrow baby started with the birth of my daughter. She was only a few months old and I was swimming in piles of outgrown clothing, clothing that was handed down, clothing that she didn't fit into anymore. When Carolyn came to me with the idea, I was immediately on board. Also being a mom, and having a 5 1/2-year-old and a 2-year-old, my basement was completely filled with clothing, as you can imagine. And when I looked into it, I was shocked to learn that almost all clothing, whether you donate it or hand it down, ends up in a landfill in the United States. So 81 pounds of clothing per person in America is thrown away every year. So I knew that I had to somehow create a business that would attack all of these problems with one solution. And I saw a circular economy business model as that solution. A circular economy model is one that starts with design, and almost all of the models that you see today in companies that you see today are linear, they take something and make something out of it and they sell it and then the consumer throws it out. That is not sustainable. We use regenerative agriculture and we use organic materials that are safe and not synthetic in any way. We then utilize the clothing to its fullest potential through our rental model or our buy back model and then we take all the clothing back and recycle or composist. We talk about something for so Lon and absolutely doing it. Yes. It's awesome. Our mission is to provide parents access with the highest quality clothing while reducing the environmental impact of fashion. You can come on to our website and shop a la carte choosing whatever items you want to either buy or rent. We know that shopping sustainably can easily become very overwhelming, and that as parents we're totally on overload, especially this last year where we're wearing multiple hats and mothers and teammates and chefs and housekeepers. It's really about the fact that we're founded by moms and really providing a service to make a mom's life easier. I became member of the borrow baby family last summer after falling in love with the process. The idea of being able to rent and then return clothes especially knowing how quickly kids grow out of them was brilliant to me. We started in June and where we are now, I hope that we inspire people, if you are a mom, go out there, get back into the career that you were in before, try something new, I think that when we support each other, there's nothing that we can't accomplish. Perfectly put. I love their mission. Moms on a mission. I love that name, borrow baby.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Borobabi is a circular retailer that has revolutionized how families shop and take care of their kids' clothing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77093780","title":"2 moms’ innovative approach to children’s fashion","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/moms-innovative-approach-childrens-fashion-77093780"}