How to optimize your small business’ online presence

KonMari consultant Amy Chinitz gets a boost to her online business thanks to GoDaddy.
4:16 | 12/17/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to optimize your small business’ online presence
We'll turn to large percentage of small businesses across the country that have been forced to close their doors and shut down due of course to the pandemic. Those that have survived pivot to online platforms and that's been essential. That's right. And here to share how one small business owner has transferred her consumer approach is our ABC contributor Alicia Quarles. Hicia. Hi Amy. And she had to rethink her in home to in person consultation to online webinars but it's not been easy. Take a look. My name is Amy. I'm a social worker and consultant. I help my clients to clear clutter to make way for them to achieve their personal and professional goals. I started on my own in 2020. And I have worked with a few clients in their before the quarantine here in nk. I had S really magical success stories with my clients. Since then, I've obviously had to make some shifts since I'm not going into people's homes anymore. I've developed a workshop that I give as a webinar to individuals or businesses so they can learn the method and do more of a self-guided process. My website could be really helpful in reaching my target audience. I want people to be able to find me that way, learn about the Kamari method and my approach and to be able to access my workshop through the website. And joining me now is small business owner amyhintz. To help her improve her online presence is our sponsor go daddy live. As you heard, it's been pretty bear bones she's never needed it to connect with customers before the pandemic. What is your first tip to help Amy, and to all our business owners watching, besides selling on your website, you might want to consider on selling on popular market places like Amazon, Ebay and etsy and social networks like Facebook and Instagram increasing the places you can be seen and customers choosing to buy from you. Sam, there's so many online scams out there. What should Amy do to prove her business is legitimate and separate it from the rest? Having an ssl. Secure socket layer certificate will encrypt customer data like customer numbers. This will deter hackers. Last but not least, what's your final tip for Amy to help make her website as useful as possible and not add that other layer for her visitors? One of the most precious commodities is time. Once it's spent, we can never get it back. Thus people love when you save them time. Having the ability and convenience of online, removing the hassle of having to make a phone call is time St. Patrick's day safer and value add for sure. This is great information and a great formula. Amy, we hope these tips help you to build out your website. But that's not all, Amy, Sam has a little surprise for you. So Sam what do you want to tell Amy? Amy, to help you build a strorofessional digital presence, we'll be giving you a five-year subscription to our best package. Ecommerce websites plus marketing. It includes everything you need to do everything you want and look good doing it. Including our digital marketing suite, and online store to sell everywhere your customers shop. That's not all. We're also giving you $5,000 to help support your business. Oh my gosh. Amy, how is that for a surprise? And how will this $5,000 and five-year subscription help your business? It's amazing. Well, thank you so much, Sam and Amy for joining us today. And I'm looking forward to seeing your updated website. I need the organizational help for sure. So good luck with the business.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"KonMari consultant Amy Chinitz gets a boost to her online business thanks to GoDaddy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74781646","title":"How to optimize your small business’ online presence","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/optimize-small-business-online-presence-74781646"}