Pitch Payday Challenge grand finale

Entrepreneur Alexandra Cristin has a big surprise for our three small business contestants.
6:13 | 10/02/20

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Transcript for Pitch Payday Challenge grand finale
All right we are back with gets paid a challenge always wrong here we've been doing leading small business owners were competing for side. Thousand dollars to grow their brands that today our expert and entrepreneur and CEO of glam scene with that he has that would Chris in the too old to who is gonna take home that money will very exciting immediate efforts we're gonna take a look. Back at all Harkins. Katie behind Vickie angry and I guess they have connect her with so he shares compliments cats. Grain and I didn't see my culture represented in the marketplace and the game plan it's me it's he sat out there are lacking work. So I recommend this money it helped me invest in product development but most importantly grandma and it's this would allow me to bring my online community. It together in real I. I mean me standing Paris I had team exceeding woman on the news insane artisans sales or implement amendment is a brand that prides itself into embracing me and email and Howard. And monitoring expenses and Newsday's is that women hadn't yet been Howard. If you want help I didn't want Morgan to meet new artist is that I did I ask them that come here or else he'd teach you. And how play there aren't into this is and I am not my popcorn. Now police last. I'm glad that aren't when things aren't we created to simply let Tina and eco friendly sentence like candle company. We're developing here your collection and we rarely has there wasn't enough Latin America's position in the camera industry full sleep with kids being effect that this week and fear and pay their. All right we have all of our entrepreneurs with us right now they're so excited of course we have Alexander as well also. Now the we have every one year Alexandra. Tell us the most important node is you'd like to give our small business owners and also anyone out there who's wanting to start a business is watching right now. Gas. I have three really it's mixed views should use them on concerns that. It about your music from the hash out that you get and they didn't call home and I also like it hot news they know who knows how trying to cast yes. There's going to be a lot of respectful and you a lot of that we are gonna get pushed back and hot item perhaps yes no matter how cold it. And just start starting going to be the most difficult heart you all ripping it. If you get started whenever Bryant outlined east memory bigger outlet there aren't conservatives and pollen and get better as competition and there are. Well all right. Don't look good tips into giving good tips always to all of us we've been taking notes CEO and founder of planned English. Alexander Krstic is going to announce the winner in just a mom and yes we keep making everybody wait including the folks of all the money aren't Alexander you've listened to make their pitches. For all three of these entrepreneurs tell us what each business has going for where you see the most potential. Yes this does went beyond. I love your brand of clothing designs are you don't want to hop a lot of potential. You all have a strong community behind her brains ha so much room to grow if you and that's a product design and expansion of use use. I know you'll be able to keep your business than I thought. She can and I love love of the jewelry. And it's very you know I think what will be really rate isn't this bogus audit. Which area of your business is most possible is that the jewelry or is Anthony's telling an art. And zealot you could double down all I'm neither one of those areas whichever one is operable. And released are getting more Padres then you'll be able to expand your business quickly and then expand. Instant hero other areas as well. And then it would out of Rio Blanca and stand me. It is you all providing com or reuse your time why is pleased. And figure I'll know you're worked hottest spots marketing even matter. And diversified audience candles on the market you all as well be able to keep your businessmen acts while. Okay we'll let's see who really is going to yield and take their business the next battle. They ate salad out. Yes are you going to help by investing. 5000 dollars. The lady I'm eternally eager and women in harmony and I know that gives when he meet new different I remember what was might. Starting on the early years it's not to challenge I know these climbs. Will really really really make a difference on route and it was a really really typical decision and we'll have a meeting this. You're needing business owners. But today and it is now very lucky day. All treated and then we'll be winning and. And I know you'll be left. Out is that I think you only two home hook put him on the hook for as long as you did. Yeah does reveal that all three of these businesses all these companies are going to get that five grand to grow beyond that give me your reaction. I'm just that it ain't broke thank you sound might assist me and sound might see a soy entered meaning of being here I appreciate. Shannon how about Yeo. In aren't subject. I'm an energy is really process I really preceded. Send it to the Flores this is a no it's three W but you gotta split the five million I didn't five grand each because they're good guys who does not grant. We're still what what your reaction now you on the hook shot you're going to just a contestant but everybody's going home with something what do you do with us. It's immediately and we're very grateful warrant this opportunity. At the Alexandria. You have given us some great feedback and we're gonna burn with in grow our business. And continue pushing. Well I'd call this a feel Good Friday we needed this congratulations to all of our entrepreneurs and of course of course Alexandra thank you so much for being so generous. Good luck ladies you've got bitten.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"Entrepreneur Alexandra Cristin has a big surprise for our three small business contestants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73393986","title":"Pitch Payday Challenge grand finale","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/pitch-payday-challenge-grand-finale-73393986"}