Pitch Payday Challenge: Latin-inspired candles

The Suarez sisters pitch their Simply Latina Designs hoping to win our grand prize.
3:53 | 10/01/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pitch Payday Challenge: Latin-inspired candles
All week long we're meeting people turning their personal passions into a paycheck. Now they're competing for $5,000 to expand their business. It's time for today's round Pitch payday challenge. We're joined by CEO and founder of glam seamless Alexandra Cristin who will share her advice. Then at the end of the week she decides whose company she'll support with $5,000. Today's contestants realized creativity and pride in their heritage runs in the family. Let's meet today's entrepreneurs. My name is Natalie Suarez. I'm Blanca Suarez. I'm Sammy Suarez. We created simply Latina a soy candle company, Latin scent inspired candles. Growing up my parents taught us our culture. For part of our lives we lived in Mexico. We come from an entrepreneurial family. We've always known we wanted to start our own business, something that would be able to share our traditions. Culture. Our experiences. We created the coffee candle. Everyone loves coffee. That scent was mainly inspired by our grandmother. Blanca came up with Mexican clay cups to put our candle in. You burn the candle and you can use it as a cup. It's reusable. It's an awesome idea. My goal for the business is for us to be able to develop other ideas system to this. Hopefully with this being a success we can see it in another product. They are joining us now. Here they are. Blanca, Natalie, Sammy from left to right. Welcome, ladies. This your moment. We're all listening. In particular Alexandra is listening. She has to be convinced if you're going to get in a five grand. Ladies, the floor is yours. Candles have always had a profound and spiritual meaning rooted in our Mexican culture. In the U.S. Almost every home has a couple candles decorating the room. While developing our candle collection, we realized there wasn't enough Latin representation in the candle industry besides the traditional religious ones. This inspired us to create simply Latina candles. We specialize in echo friendly scented soy candles with a Latin twist. It's an expression of our love for our culture and tradition. All right. Alexandra, you heard the pitch. What advice do you have for the Suarez siste to expand what they've done? Ladies, I love this business. There's nothing else like it on the market. You all are in a very powerful position. To be a team of three and have each other as co-founders, you're so lucky. You're starting off in a really, really strong position. Some tips and feedback I would give you all if you win this money, I definitely would invest more money into your marketing. Marketing candles can be challenging online. You have to get really creative with ideas and continue to get those scents to come to life, especially if you're doing an ecommerce platform. Invest dollars into copyrighting. Invest dollars into videos to describe and make people feel the emotion at home when they're shopping online. What exactly do the candles smell like? That will help expand your ecommerce sales. That way you're making money in your sleep. At the end of the day online sales will help continue to expand. You want to have ecommerce as a strong distribution point. All right. No matter what happens with the five grand at the end of the week, Blanca, Natalie, Sammy, you got some free advice. Hopefully you can use that. Thank you for joining us today. We'll have all three of you back tomorrow and Alexandra as well. The other contestant will be here as well.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"The Suarez sisters pitch their Simply Latina Designs hoping to win our grand prize.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73367816","title":"Pitch Payday Challenge: Latin-inspired candles","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/pitch-payday-challenge-latin-inspired-candles-73367816"}