What are some safe family activities if the kids are unvaccinated?

Answers to viewers’ questions about COVID-19, health and nutrition from Dr. Jen Ashton.
2:21 | 06/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What are some safe family activities if the kids are unvaccinated?
So first question, what are some fmily safe activities where kids are still unvaccinated? Okay, first of all, let's give parents and anyone who deals with young kids the credit to be able to be creative and inventive when it comes to safer outdoor activities for unvaccinated kids. However, and I'm not going to give you a list because there is a lot of common sense here and there is a lot of wiggle room. You want to think about a few factors. Time, space, people, place, and then contact, okay? Even though that's the last one. Time, how much time are you in a certain area, space, how much space apart, and how many people are there, is it two kids playing, or is it 22 kids playing, and are you indoors or outdoors, and if indoors, what's the ventilation like? Masks on, masks off, you can add that to the mix, and again, even though contact is not a major root of transmission of covid-19, any time you're playing a sport where everybody is handling the same piece of sporting gym, not so great not just for covid but other infectious diseases as well but common sense, wash your hands, have fun, get outside and be active. Another question here, doc, the pandemic has made me very sedentary while working from home and now, when I do any sort of exercise, my muscles are sore. How do I know if I'm overdoing it? First of all, when your muscles are sore, I want to think of that actually are your muscles are thanking you for noticing them. When our bodies don't move, that can cause pain, musculoskeletally, in and of itself, but it is not a surprise, nor should it be a concern if you get some mild temporary soreness. We talk about that all the time, I actually love it. And what I brought here, say hello to my little friend, so these resistance bands, super cheap, you can get them in all colors, in all levels of resistance, for people who are just getting back into kind of a fitness routine, you can do these anywhere, upper body, lower body, I know you all see me in the hallway, backstage, laughing at me walking around with these. Commercial breaks. Yes. These are super easy and, you know, they're a great way to work your muscles as you're getting back into shape. Dr. Ashton, thank you as always and thank you all for your questions. You can keep them coming through on her Instagram at @drjashton.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Answers to viewers’ questions about COVID-19, health and nutrition from Dr. Jen Ashton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78175555","title":"What are some safe family activities if the kids are unvaccinated?","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/safe-family-activities-kids-unvaccinated-78175555"}