Stacey Abrams speaks out on Trump’s voter suppression

The former Georgia house minority leader previews tonight’s debate and talks about her documentary “All In: The Fight for Democracy.”
4:23 | 09/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stacey Abrams speaks out on Trump’s voter suppression
Welcome back to "Gma3." There's an all-out effort to get more people to the polls this November. And there's a new documentary now that aims to help voters better navigate that process as we get closer to election day, just 35 days away. It's called "All in: The fight for democracy." It's produced by former Georgia house minority leader Stacey Abrams via Amazon studios. We're very happy to have Stacey Abrams herself joining us mow. Thanks so much for joining us. I want to get your reaction on "The New York Times'" report about president trump's tax returns. I'm curious, obviously it was a big headline, journalists have been spending years and years trying to get their hands on, how much of an impact will this have on election day? Will it actually change a voter's mind? I think for those who have solidly behind Donald Trump, this will make no difference. Those who have been opposed it will make no difference. For those independent voters, 14% who say they still undecided, I think it will continue to reaffirm what they believe or contradict something they've told themselves. Hopefully, it convince those remaining voters that this is not the man to lead our country. This came from the uk, channel 4 actually got its hands on a huge cache of documents, some information that showed in 2016, that the trump administration targeted some 3.5 million black voters and tried to find ways to target with advertising to keep them from the polls. I'd like to hear your reaction to that. You can work on so much there in Georgia, voter suppression. This is if true is kind of a high-tech voter suppression. Your reaction and what do you think about moving forward and how we're supposed to keep an eye on it and how are we supposed to combat this type of an attack? It's not about whether you try to discourage or prevent voters from being heard at all. To the extent that anyone undertakes the effort of blocking eligible Americans from casting their ballots, they're engaged many voter suppression and that's wrong. Take a moment to talk to those voters, especially young voters, who kind of throw their hands up and they're trying to be encouraged to engage in a process that so many people say is not fair. Regardless of the party you stand with, the process of being able to vote, the process of being able to select your leaders should never be ceded to anyone else. And so I won't concede a process that doesn't serve us but I won't give away my power. By saying, I'm going to let you win by giving up. For the young people, if they want the change that we talk about, action on climate, action on criminal justice reform, action on our economy and action on covid-19, then we can't give up, we must show up and cast our ballots this election season. That's a powerful message. And it's going to be a pretty powerful night. I know you'll be watching tonight, Stacey, president trump and Joe Biden have their first debate, what are you expecting to see on that stage? Well, I'm expecting Joe Biden to remind us of why he's such a beloved person. Why we wanted him 20 be the nominee for the democratic party. I expect to see a man of competence, someone with a moral courage and vision for how we recover. I expect to hear lies from Donald Trump, evade from taking responsibility for the failures of his administration, this is a man in the midst of a pandemic is attempting to strip Americans of their health care and so I want to hear how he's willing to resolve the contradictions and what he says and unfortunately, what we see him not do every single day. The documentary is "All in: The fight for democrats." Stacey Abrams, we appreciate your time and your voice today. Thank you for being with us. Thank you. Stay with us here on "Gma3." Just ahead -- the secretary of army on the coronavirus fight and sounding the alarm on a worrisome development within the ranks. And the sharp rise in active duty suicides as the battle against covid-19 intensifies. We'll look into that when we come back.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The former Georgia house minority leader previews tonight’s debate and talks about her documentary “All In: The Fight for Democracy.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73314422","title":"Stacey Abrams speaks out on Trump’s voter suppression","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/stacey-abrams-speaks-trumps-voter-suppression-73314422"}