Are temperature checks effective in detecting COVID-19?

Answers to your latest coronavirus questions from Dr. Jen Ashton.
1:50 | 09/14/20

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Transcript for Are temperature checks effective in detecting COVID-19?
Dr. Jen Ashton here with the answers to the questions you're asking about, covid-related. So the first one, Dr. Jen, I have diabetes and am considered high risk, does that mean I am at a higher risk of contracting covid-19 or just high risk for complications? This is a great question. They're not one size fits all. In general, people with type I diabetes tend to have more of an autoimmune picture going on. Type II tends to be associated -- I need more coffee, but the important thing for anyone with diabetes of any kind, they're at higher risk of complications, we don't know yet if that makes them at higher risk for getting infected with covid. Take greater precautions. Next question, what's the latest information on rates of infections in school-aged children? We don't know yet. That's a massive problem. Again, to go back to what we said at the beginning of the show, we're hearing these anecdotal reports, but we don't yet have a good system to aggregate this data and to interpret it fast enough so that we can use it to say, okay, this is the age group at greater risk. Right now, we know that older kids, teenagers, they behave that makes it easier to transmit. The concern is younger kids may not show signs or symptoms and can be infected and spread it to others. We desperately need this data. All right, Dr. Jen, we appreciate it. Thank you so much. You can submit questions to Dr. Jen on her Instagram @drjashton. We're kicking off

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"Answers to your latest coronavirus questions from Dr. Jen Ashton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73004839","title":"Are temperature checks effective in detecting COVID-19?","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/temperature-checks-effective-detecting-covid-19-73004839"}