What’s causing the surge in COVID-19 cases?

Answers to your coronavirus questions from Dr. Jen Ashton.
1:54 | 11/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What’s causing the surge in COVID-19 cases?
That doctors can add to joining us once again with the latest answers to your questions about the corona virus or first question doctor Jenn. Do we know the cause of the bulk of Kobe surges we are seeing around the country so this is merely getting a lot of attention from some top epidemiologist and public health officials because. Again the way we're collecting data and analyzing data. Continues to be a challenge in this pandemic. The short answer is no we really don't we've heard the CDC say. Recently that they believe a large majority of transmission is occurring in a household settings. But then we also know based on some contact tracing data and restaurants in door. Social gatherings where people are unmasked or even large outdoor gatherings have been. Super spreader events so. We need better ways to analyze our data because we can't act on it unless we get good information as and put it right this next question I think is one that a lot of people will want cancer to if you're feeling under the weather. But tests negative for Kobe nineteen is it safe to resume normal activity raised questions today you guys so I would say. Remember we can't get high load in terms of only thinking of covic nineteen there are other viral infections that made people feel. Under the weather and we have to still be vigilant against those. Before this pandemic the recommendations were if you don't feel well. You should stay home you should take a few days off from your normal activities if you're talking about cold vs flew. There's a great things remembered a guide to someone's behavior. Above the next symptoms generally just a common cold you can go back to your normal activities below the neck full body aches temperature cough. Probably take some days off but remember it's not just about cold drink and that's really good way to look at our right after gen thank you and you can submit questions to doctor Jan on parents to Graham. As doctor.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"Answers to your coronavirus questions from Dr. Jen Ashton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74379794","title":"What’s causing the surge in COVID-19 cases?","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/whats-causing-surge-covid-19-cases-74379794"}