Women restaurateurs fight together to overcome industry crisis

These female entrepreneurs have collaborated to create a multi-restaurant tasting dinner for pickup and delivery that’s paired with a Zoom conversation.
3:15 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for Women restaurateurs fight together to overcome industry crisis
Welcome back to "Gma3," and we are back with the women restaurant owners banding together to face pandemic challenges and so much more with unique initiatives and dining experience in a number of cities in connection with international women's day, coming up on Monday. Alicia quarrels spoke with them. Let's start with the gender gap, because I was surprised to know that 50% women and the chefs, 50% in women in American. It's not just the women who are chefs but if you look at business owners, they're very few women who are restauranteurs. In this pandemic, restaurant and dining is one of the hardest hit sectors. It was devastating to have to part ways with about 150 of our staff in Philadelphia and in new York City. In my particular restaurant we have half the seating capacity anticipate the same 100% of the billsment I understand this organization is so important for you because you don't see women like you in the industry very often. To be able to find other women also struggling, going through the same things you are in the same industry gives us hope. Being an entrepreneur allows you to be in control of your own destiny, but it only can happen if women are permitted to have equal access to capital. Besides funding and help in that manner, what else can you do to give women a seat at the table? To make it much more accessible for women who work and lead kitchens, in their own restaurants, and if not, nothing will change. The good old boys club has to really cease and be a little bit more welcoming to the idea of females in leadership. And, Ellen, take us inside of your restaurant. We meet virtually once a we're participating in dining together, which is a nationwide initiative, started by rohini to highlight international women's day March 8th where restauranteurs across the city and across the country will be providing a small plate as part of a collaboration tasting menu. Tell us more about dine together. So dine together and let's talk, 9 cities, over 100 of us, this is not just about changing the future for our own businesses but trying to make change on a national scale. Absolutely. What do you want for the future of let's talk? What I'd like to see is that we elevate our knowledge financially. We're using each other's strength to keep us going, and we can be the backbone to each other, with even a shoulder to lean on when tears are coming down your eyes. I hope to see it grow and sometimes having that call with other people in other parts of the country really make a huge difference in letting people know that you're not just out there by yourself. Together our power is enormous and anybody who wants to tap into that is welcome. We can take all the help possible. And, yes, you can help support women restaurant owners in your area, by participating in the let's talk premiere event, dine together, featuring takeout dining experiences across the country. Very cool idea.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"These female entrepreneurs have collaborated to create a multi-restaurant tasting dinner for pickup and delivery that’s paired with a Zoom conversation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76254040","title":"Women restaurateurs fight together to overcome industry crisis","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/women-restaurateurs-fight-overcome-industry-crisis-76254040"}