Anna Paquin's Oscar memory

What does the Academy Award winner remember about her big night?
5:17 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for Anna Paquin's Oscar memory
Oh, our next guest is an Oscar and golden globe winning actress who you know from "True blood" and the "X-men" films and now she stars in a new series. It's called "Flack." What do you know about us? Post and P.R., in London and L.A. And New York. You cover everything from media training to brand management, career strategy and specializing crisis management. We don't use the word crisis. We call them challenges. Now a woman in the death star is the boss and if you see her smoking outside, don't mention it. When she sentds you out for lunch, she wants fresh steamed broccoli and salmon. Make sure you put the chopsticks in the bag. She won't use them, but be offended if they're not there. Please welcome Anna Paquin. Hey, you. Hi. So nice to have you here. Thank you for having he. Good to see you. You and I have something in common. We both have a gap in our teeth. Yes, we do. We do. Between me and you, aren't we better people? I mean, don't tell everybody else, but yes. It's like I'm not even here. I can hear you guys. Your teeth are really cute too. But I bet you can't, like, blow water through them. We can spurt water a lot further. They're amazing. But the oscars are this weekend. They are. It's just amazing because I feel like we have watched you grow up. You won an Oscar at 11. I did. For the piano. What do you remember about that? It's just kind of a giant circus, and I grew up in new Zealand and I didn't know what it was or anything about it honestly until I pretty much was about to be shoved out of a limo onto the red carpet. At 11. Yeah and everybody was, like, don't be disappointed if you don't win. Clap and smile, and you have to thank people if you do. Did you write something? Your mom was, like, thank the people who, you know, you worked with if I win. I was, like, I thought I wasn't going to win. You won. I was a very, very, very shy kid and spent about 25 seconds of my time up there just kind of gasping and looking frightened. As adults do as well and you were 11. But you won the Oscar and you won in love because you married your "True blood" co-star, and do fans get super excited when they see you two together? I mean, when it's both of us, we're a little harder to blend in with the crowd. If it's anyone who has seen the show, but honestly for the most part, people are more just trying to, like, take a picture with my husband and be, like, ladies, who are really feeling the vampire bill thing. Be nice to me. It's not weird and awkward. I mean, you know, someone did ask them to sign their -- once, so that was a little weird. Other than that is, like, really nothing shocking anymore. After that, I wouldn't be shocked either. Can I take a picture with your husband? It's really totally fine. I'm not here. I'll take the picture. One of my favorite things is you post about your dog. I do. On Instagram. One of them. Dave. Dave the dog. Tell us what's happening in some of these photos. There's him looking deceptively cute and innocent. It's a lie. Oh. That was some recycling that was about five seconds away from going out. Obviously he had to eat it. Five seconds too slow. Okay. You can't really see what that is, but it's a piece of pizza that he grabbed out of one of my kids' hands, and that was the spatula. I got to be honest. I should make him flip the pancakes. I love Dave. I love Dave. He's the menace of Venice. Until you have your houses chewed up. You won't be loving Dave too much after that. Or your glasses or your shoes or slippers. One thing I have got to say I did love in your show "Flack," I put this show on and I'm, like, whoa. From the beginning, and you play this publicist. You can pretty much talk people into anything. You're a boss. Robin is a boss, yep. I want you to talk to our audience. Talk them into watching this show. Um, hi. And on that note, it is unapologetically dark and appropriate and funny. I'm in. No, you're not a bad person if you laugh. We did too, and it has a really amazing lineup of incredibly powerful, awesome women in the cast and also I'm an executive producer on the show, and you should watch it. It's awesome. I have got to say, it's so fast-paced. Certainly is. It's so fast-paced and you have everything together when you are helping other people, but when you are trying to help yourself -- No. She's a complete disaster in real life. She's just really good at fixing other people's problems. I like those people. Boss on the screen and behind the screen. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"What does the Academy Award winner remember about her big night?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61189929","title":"Anna Paquin's Oscar memory","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/anna-paquins-oscar-memory-61189929"}