'Black-ish' star Marcus Scribner is heading off to college and we feel old

Marcus Scribner breaks down some young phrases for the "GMA Day" hosts like "The Wave," "The Drip" and "The Sauce."
5:49 | 10/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Black-ish' star Marcus Scribner is heading off to college and we feel old
We watched our next guest grow up on one of our favorite shows and now both he and his character on "Black-ish" are off to college. Let's take a look. Everybody, relax. I decided to take a gap year. A gap year. What the hell is that? I took a gap year once with the gap band. Charlie Wilson dropped a bomb on me, baby. Mama. Huh? A gap year is when a kid takes a year before going off to college. It's pretty common actually. Everyone that I know that has taken a gap year is some rich kid who turns out to be a ski bum. Please welcome Marcus Scribner. What is up? How are you doing? Hi. So great to have you here. What's up? Nephew. What's up? How you guys doing? Marcus is my nephew. Yes. Yes. That's uncle June bug right there. I played uncle June bug on "Black-ish." Yes. Give it up for Michael. One of the highlights of my life, but I noticed, nephew, what are you rocking right there? Oh, okay, you know, the drip, the sauce, the newest, the latest, the fanny pack. I guess it's some old-fashioned being repurposed, though, but I brought it back -- Can I see it? What do you put in there? Okay, let me show you. There are a lot of essentials in my fanny pack. I had to bring it just for "Gma," you know, show it off. Yeah. Oreos. We got, wallet, oreos. Are you just a hungry child? Look at this. No, I like snacks, okay, what can I say? I love the snacks. Do you eat meals? Well, like I said on my Instagram, this is breakfast, lunch and dinner right here. We're always on the go. We got to have help too. Ricola. Got to keep your breath right. Oh, would you look at that? Vote, ladies and gentlemen. I mean, November 6, November 6 is coming up, and I feel like it's really important for my generation, people my age, a demographic that doesn't always get out there and vote and have to know our voice does matter and we have the power to make change. Yes. So make sure to register to vote. We're here in New York, you know what I mean. Registering to vote I think ends October 12th right now, but you can go to vote.org to check your local state, so check it out. Make sure to vote November 6th and it's going down, y'all. Participation is the most essential part to a democracy and we don't have the turnout we need. You mentioned when you were describing your fanny pack. Yes. That it was like the drip, the sauce, the mustard or -- maybe I added that. The wave, all these different things. What does that mean? Okay, so I think it's all relatively -- it's kind of rap culture saying some of my language, you know, the drip is kind of associated with diamonds, ice, the drip, and, you know, the sauce is kind of like sheasoning, not seasoning. Sheasoning. Sheasoning. You can't be born with the sauce. You have to acquire the sauce. So this is sauce, this is drip. This is everything that is new and I love it, givenchy, super fancy. I like it, man. Super fancy. Yeah, super fancy. He came through dripping. Drip, okay. I got you. Okay. Okay. Let's get to your day job, "Black-ish." Yes. Season five. Whoo! Season five, it goes like that. But on this show life is actually imitating art because you are going off to college. You are going to usc. No gap year. Yes. Right on. Actually gap year included. You're going to take a gap year in real life and take a gap year on the show. What made you choose usc? I was always los Angelino. I'm from Los Angeles, California. That's what you call yourselves, los angelinos? I guess it's like angelinos. I don't know the proper term. You were so good with all the other terms. You know, okay, those are a little more -- those are like the straight and narrow terms. I'm more on the slang ship. You know what I mean? The sauce and the sheasoning. And the sheasoning. Yeah, exactly. The sheasoning. So los angelinos like usc and UCLA. I toured both campuses and and fell in love with usc's campus and they also have -- they just built this new usc village and they have a Chick-fil-A. Saving the best for last, now we know it was the game time decision. I make smart moves. You got to have the post mates ready and order some Chick-fil-A and maybe walk down there, who knows. But you're going off to college, man. We got a little something for you. Every kid in college has a hoop over their door. This is true. Yes. We made a little special hoop here. You got to put this on your head. I got to put this on my head. Yeah, well, she broke that one. Oh. I broke it? You broke it. It's okay. We can -- Try this one. Okay. All right. There we go. Repurpose that one. All right. So now you're trying to shoot into someone else's basket. Wow, this is interesting. I'm sorry. I've been injured. My shot -- I want to you answer this. Yeah. Oh, shoot. Hit it. Come on. Get it, get it, get it. Oh. Oh, buckets. You don't have one on. Buckets. Oh. You know, the flick of the wrist isn't really -- oh. I tell you what, Marcus, always great to see you. We're so happy for you.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Marcus Scribner breaks down some young phrases for the \"GMA Day\" hosts like \"The Wave,\" \"The Drip\" and \"The Sauce.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58437355","title":"'Black-ish' star Marcus Scribner is heading off to college and we feel old ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/black-ish-star-marcus-scribner-heading-off-college-58437355"}