Cynthia Nixon's bagel order is dividing the internet

Plus, Michael Strahan tries Sara Haines' weird food combo!
3:00 | 09/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cynthia Nixon's bagel order is dividing the internet
cocoa andewilla. Toit is a baday for ls because one crazy order dividing the internet. Former "Sex and the city" star, and new caatcynthia Nixon red -- lisn to this. Locks, cream Che capers tomato and onion, totally cool, on a cinnara. So let the great debate commence. Is that -- how du it? We brought one for you since H was ING to Sha. I'll be honest with you. It stinks. It doesn'tme Well, the onion stick withfor awhileelon't know I'm not a big -- Y're going actually eat that? We -- Too late now S. Ou jump, iumight? I didn't jump. I'm not jumping. I'm not doing that. I'm not a bi first of L, I'm not a bigel eater D I dnlly know AUT bagels till I camto new yor yeah. And I'll share something to you. Black pegels. Big on ba. I that. Everyone enjoyssohy carb Lk at that. Iei Is their? It soundeod until T cinn I'm a sharing man. Would th come on. U can try is thing. I wouldt my bagel away. You to finish that, -- tell me what think abouthi I love how you just totally gave tt Y. I need an outside opinion. How is that? Thank you. Enough said. Enough said. Thank you. There you go. Here go.yospit it into theat's okay.combos are thin they really are. I actually -- What doou have? What imething weir It's that weirdbu think yoould always, like, you know when you have Chinese food and every bleeds together and it tas really good I feel like all food should meet nd get mared. I have an amazing combo. Ding ding. This is my favsandwich. Omngears and the weekend. Your favorite sand. Wh? It's responsible 15 poundin the lasfive years, it's grah C cool whip and peanut butter. Now you'rg. This I willing to try. Do it. So you spread it -- It never looks I T.T I just sewed off T T Kay. You're going to love this. It's a little addict Let me Y try to have just one. Preation is ioro. S really lookingmotional being for just tell meou love it That's good. That's really good. Thk is combo. Thank you. 'M not G. I'my own.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Plus, Michael Strahan tries Sara Haines' weird food combo!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57800368","title":"Cynthia Nixon's bagel order is dividing the internet ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/cynthia-nixons-bagel-order-dividing-internet-57800368"}