Former 'Doctor Who' star David Tennant praises the new doctor, Jodie Whittaker

How Jennifer Garner and David Tennant are teaming up for the hilarious new show "Camping."
4:22 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Former 'Doctor Who' star David Tennant praises the new doctor, Jodie Whittaker
It's time for a little wind staying with sound. Okay the in. Their lunch break. You know from Dr. Phil and now looking can't he would Jennifer Garner. Oh. I hope. What is this like yeah. Lunch rooting plea to meet that you have fat content may someone's hungry I. Except I don't know what you're good until we do what is his eyes and give me to doing New York lunch wheel wells is how much you every Erica. Did that she. Not a path and that what does do you ice beat you tell me it's a taste test. That cream soda soda very new Yorker Harry Neale Donald got any day now Chirac. I wondered how he'd seen anyone with Jodi would have yet loved it it's a lot of buzz and she's the first female yes yes I don't know how why is that important. For me growing up the character the doe two was really important because it was a hero who wasn't a Jill cook to have the hero didn't. Who go by on their brains are telling that was as you and I can identify what specifically. No to have. How that pageant for girls to unit and all that I kind of was exclusively. So boys before but I think if anything that does you know that makes everyone feel like that's a much not to release it can trust me I'll certainly end and jeans yeah she's a great choice you have been a lot of things a lot of wacky looks right here are some eighty people don't always recognize here Brice. I wanted to pull up a little hot and adult. Yes fits what is here look for good omen that's right so add his long red wig that then I had my hair cut short and dyed red underneath it so we would alternate between what's your favorite lucky cat can I personally love it typically servicers. Yeah. I packed ice cream commercial yeah that was the before and pac Sunday doctor that was in don't really are good age to about nine gazillion years old yet so this is really exciting because you get to see what. Walton what life might eventually digs here's your lucky enough to live double. Because it was the Tiki cast your face in the water to all I could mathematics Lisa Beaulieu faces gonna do. So that's and to look forward to that how. In this case at all how are taking 99 you have. I happen. You have four hours but this is John noses and in American schools which comes out cook Chris I think. I'm not. Unloaded the yards and a lags on that I've got to yet exile going to very heavy there's not one part in slack though it's endless bits of yak hair and human hand goodness knows what else yet had a ticket T now this. On our next topic well what a lovely segue it outlaws. It was very kill him. Now this isn't camping than it is runner yes writes yeah. This is acute lonely gritty look into it I find the path adequately carry title happen at once that was your motivation and totally yeah. Jennifer Garner. It's your wife yes in the show show their work work as you know if you would here's a she's a lot. McKinnell the hot beast of couples unfortunately. Wouldn't it very Joliet we're glad I'm here lovely types did you go to this week do you know remember posing with photograph. We like we we hung up. And be heard on faster here but they can Photoshop and my last probably this is Jack what's wrong with TV. Because they do it very chirpy that I don't have your pets. Yet that may be edited and I remember out of character not thrilled to go camping do you like camping in my life oh my goodness you know. Yeah so terrible do you like it. Absolutely not I'm still just you know being filthy filled bottom on the track hasn't yet you don't wanna you don't have. Of that going on now we actually have a teacher thinking that a delicious so now we have not been cut to begin at an advice I don't. That's chums and subconsciously I think what you have what you he's in my go to Charlie I didn't take your meal in 12 you are okay in this clicked on the job. Being so busy planning his trip. Anderson he's going to be space to do that yeah I've been organizing because and attached to a minority is wonderful so far. 81 of those not concede bush movement. So that's pretty cute congratulations what in the appreciation. An MP things heated aiming to treating us all to lunch today and a second round. We have been coming Sunday night honey it's me out.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"How Jennifer Garner and David Tennant are teaming up for the hilarious new show \"Camping.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58411354","title":"Former 'Doctor Who' star David Tennant praises the new doctor, Jodie Whittaker","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/doctor-star-david-tennant-praises-doctor-jodie-whittaker-58411354"}