Did Don Cheadle reveal the new Avengers title?

Don sets the record straight about his Avengers tweet that went viral.
6:09 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Did Don Cheadle reveal the new Avengers title?
is not Jane fonda. It is still Michael and Sara, and you know our next guest from hits like "The avengers" and "House of lies" and he is starring in a new comedy series called "Black Monday." Let's take a look. I can do whatever I want. I can name anything I want. Watch this. This chair is now named Sam. The panther, its name is Karen. Your name is Tyrone. The door's name is Chris and Chris would like to know, are you in or are you out? I'm out. Where are you going, Tyrone? Call me Tyrone again. Where are you going, Tyrone? Do not slam Chris. Don't slam Chris. Come back here and apologize to Chris. Everybody please welcome don Cheadle. ?????? Hello. What's up? Hello? What's up? Made me want to bust out my break dance card board. We're dressed like that in honor of you and your new show. Thank you very much. Yes. I like this look. I may wear it home. Absolutely. "Black Monday" is all '80s. All '80s. All '80s all the time. We don't want to leave you out. In case you missed some things, I wanted to bring this out in case you missed your wardrobe choices. Maybe you wanted a fanny pack or something. Were these a thing then? I have, like, a windshield wiper here. For a lot of people who don't know what "Black Monday" is, what's black Monday? Black Monday is the term they used during the stock market crash in '87 and our show takes place in that time period and it looks at a group of traders that maybe made a trade that was so toxic that it actually created the crash. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's -- that's funny. But it is funny. You can still laugh. It is funny, but we can even see from that clip, it's brilliantly written. The dialogue is so strong. Brilliantly acted comic. Thank you. I love Andrea's character, Blair. Yeah. These names. Your character's name is Maurice Monroe. That's right. Super '80s. Maurice Monroe. He was described as the Billy ocean of trading. Yeah. Which what did that mean? I love that his character, he celebrates that, but I'm not sure if it was a compliment when they were saying it. I'm not sure either, but how would you describe your character? I think he's a maniac, you know? I think he's a complete gambler. He's somebody that would rather have all his money on the line without a good hand as opposed to having the hand as a hammer lock already. He would rather gamble on it. That's where he gets his juice. And you know, you -- this is a comedy. It is hilarious, but we're used to seeing you in serious, dramatic roles, but this is where you started out. You started out in comedy. Well, I actually -- I did some standup, but I did it because a friend of mine and myself were driving by a comedy store and they had open mic night and I was, like, I think we could do that. He was, like, I think we could too. Sounds like Maurice. Got to hit that mic. Yeah, and we literally went home that night and wrote up jokes and came back in and did our thing and we crushed. We were, like, wow. We can do it and we did it that another night and we crushed. We did it a third night and we weren't so good. I said, I'm done with that. But you're also passionate about music. Absolutely. You said you get more joy out of music than acting. I do. I do. I mean, it's kind of where I started, you know. I came up playing jazz and came up with the -- a lot of great jazz musicians and when I graduated from high school, I kind of had a choice to make. I had a couple of scholarships to pursue jazz. Vocal jazz, instrumental jazz and a couple to pursue acting. I knew it's going to be a much harder road. The music was going to be a much harder road. Not to be successful, but what it took to be as good as what my ear could hear. I said, I'll take the easy road which is acting. It's both ridiculous. Or standup. Yeah, exactly. It's not that easy because you spent ten years working on the movie about miles Davis. That's right. And his life in which you acted in, you directed and you taught yourself to play the trumpet for. Yeah. That's not so easy, man. No. It wasn't easy. Like I said, neither one of them are actually that easy of a choice to make, but yeah. That's really where my heart was and I'm very proud of that film and, you know, won a grammy for it which was the best part. Part of the reason I think it took so long is people wanted a certain, like, traditional down the middle biopic and you pushed back and said, then I'm not going to do it, which is again, taking a big risk calling them out. I guess that's a theme in my life. Maybe you are -- Feelings I don't understand. Maybe I should be on the couch like this. Don't make me cry, okay? I'm not going to cry in this interview. The one thing I love about "Black Monday," is Regina hall. Regina hall. You really wanted Regina hall to do this role. Absolutely. When we were talking about who dawn would be, her character name, and a lot of names came up and I was, like, this is Regina's role and I had seen her in a lot of things, but the thing that really sold it for me, was I saw her give an award at the award show and her interplay with the person that she presented it with at the podium just killed me. She was spontaneous. She was fast and obviously beautiful and smart and talented. I was, like, that's dawn, and if she says yes, we're just going to give her the part. Her speeches are also amazing whenever she steps up there. It's great. Going toe to toe with her. That's the lesson. You never know who is looking or watching you. That's right. We're going to stay watching

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{"duration":"6:09","description":"Don sets the record straight about his Avengers tweet that went viral.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60473009","title":"Did Don Cheadle reveal the new Avengers title?","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/don-cheadle-reveal-avengers-title-60473009"}