Firehouse cook in 'GMA Day' kitchen

See what firefighter favorite is heating up the "GMA Day" kitchen.
5:07 | 09/11/18

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Transcript for Firehouse cook in 'GMA Day' kitchen
retired fireter and host of "Fire house kitchen" ray Cooney. He'sto whip upne of your favorites. What are we ma is day of remembrance I' firefighter mechili. I ndreds of emails a year from firefhters to ce on my show to make chi I think out of 100 Edes I think I've chilies. We'reoi to make toy. Hat are we doier Puts to work. You Mike, I gave you the bacon. Chop up the bacon. Everybody is going to crize the Wai use this knife on bacon. I don't want to hear it. It's all I can D who chopping off my fingers. That's not you hold a kne. I took a knife Urse. On my do say tips. When we cut onions and garlic use this motion. It's goi th it. How do you quit from ? Cut the onis off. You oes. I have tlatives sa you put a match inr mouth. That work I'mur you want this ch out the smell off your hands if you wash your hands a spoon. I'm go tryhe match. Chopping the bacon. Very, very cool is at the end of my safety tips I Al say these tips lives. These save lives. You didn'tell me what shape so I improved. It's chili. You can any shape Thank you. We have pot up the. I opped the con. Shs chopping the peppers. Yo chopping ions and garlic. Where do we go from there? We eg pretty much grease Sau Y in two ca of chopped tomatoes. Okay. Two cans of red kid My pepp One full onion. You'rkissing nobo after is. Look what Sara did. Look at that. Greatob, Sara. Oh my goodness. Perfect shape by the way. R I was thee thing. One green pr, one red pepper, then the minced girl oh, my goodness gracious. Firefighters love I because whatever is in the fire house we wh U can mak anything into a chili. E longer CLI be. Twtablespoons of chili powder. One tablespoon of pa one tablespoon of pepper. We'l get it an Little sa T salt. Do you want tout that there? Please. Look, mom, I'm cooking. What is that? Nbelievabl What was last one? Cumin. Is it cumin? I juuessed. It was cumin. It was eithhat or cinnam. It was cinnamon. Put cinnamon ining . Ov on the side we taers. Ese are ouicial tastersrmesan Che when do we T to the rt? The meat is reto go. First wing this Ta stir it all in. N we take R thw it in. Throw in our bacon. Ere we go. Don't drop any. I Al T S ou go to fire houses all around the country. What's the best thing you've ever tasted? T best thini ever tasted on "Fir house kin" I Man chops That sounds like Michael's chest. Do it, Michael. Hile we talk about man chops, we want take test bit over there. So the man S were these hand sized pork chops that we made in spngfield, massachuses with captain Robert Duffy. It was unbelievable itk fourours to co. I ate the whole thing. It was the first I was filming at day and had four more T I thought T We're tasting ts chili right now. What's the verdict? Thumbs up. Excellehili. Thank you so much. We're going to eat this in a second. Thanks for being her I just wanted to say I washed the show yrday. I thought those two chickens sitting up in the oven were prty cool. I wonder if they were talking to each other in the oven. Theoked Ver uncomfble to me, ray. Lestick to M C. Coming up, in honf michaes teammateare joining us for an incredible tribute. You don't want to it. ??? ?????????

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"See what firefighter favorite is heating up the \"GMA Day\" kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57750103","title":"Firehouse cook in 'GMA Day' kitchen","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/firehouse-cook-gma-day-kitchen-57750103"}