Garth Brooks stopped by to serenade the 'GMA Day' hosts

The country music legend talks about his days as a bouncer and the craziest things that happened on the road.
12:34 | 11/19/18

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Transcript for Garth Brooks stopped by to serenade the 'GMA Day' hosts
This man is a six-time cma entertaining of the year, selling over 148 million albums worldwide. Please welcome country music royalty, country music legend and grammy award winning, Mr. Garth brooks. How you doing? You look great. Good to see you, man. That was awfully sweet, man. Thank you. You're a legend, man. Very sweet. Look at that. They love you. Wow. They love you, as do we. Man, I would never go home if I was you guys. I love you with the guitar strapped on. You go everywhere with it. I do. It safe -- saves me from keeping my gut sucked in. I need a guitar. I got our notes and saw that Garth brooks was here. I always geek out a little when you're here because I was raised on your music. I was a part time radio D.J. In newton, Iowa. It was a big deal. Thanksgiving is coming up. What do you do? Just get together. We were talking to Mariah's bunch. They've got a Christmas tour in London. A long time ago we decided Thanksgiving and Christmas, spend it with family. Trisha cooks. She does. She's phenomenal. She loves it. I think cooking is a chore. She calls it therapy. I'm like have all the therapy you want. When you're good at it, it's fun. Therapy for me is eating. We've got to do our part. She is an amazing cook and amazing woman. You debuted a new song for her at the cmas last week. Yes. I'm watching it trying not to tear up. I read she said I wanted him to go home and have sing it to me again so I could ugly cry. Did you earn any points at home? She didn't know that song was coming. Tell us the lyric. This makes me cry. Tell it or sing it. Just the lyric -- one of my favorite lines says I think every guy thinks this way, I always thought I had to have the answers be her strength and take the lead, when you think about everything that really matters, she's stronger than me. I hope I go first. You're going to make us cry again. Those lyrics always make me cry. It's a beautiful song for a beautiful woman. My phone started lighting up after the performance. It was all guys. I loved that. You were expressing something that men have a hard time expressing. I didn't write it. The writers are expressing what I couldn't express. I'm just like everybody else on this one. That's my person I would sing it to. You have whoever you would sing it to. In our relationship she always looks at me like I'm the guy, which makes me feel great. If it comes down to it, she's going to save my life. Did she ugly cry for you? Did you sing it back to her? I did. She doesn't cry pretty. We all think we do. We rarely do. I was speaking of a weird job. Not a real job because I was honored to be a D.J. I heard you were a bouncer. Yeah. That's a weird job. If you look like that, you'll be fine. If you're me, you end up dancing a lot. I feel like you always have done music. When was this? Was it a pocket where -- It was college athletics. I was a javelin thrower in Oklahoma state. They needed the guys to bounce. It was a place called tumble weed. There was about 12 of us, wrestlers or football players. All of them were big. I basically got to dance all night long. It was the greatest gig to have. It can't be as good as what you're doing now. It's not. You entertain so many people. You performed for millions. On your tour that wrapped up over 6 million people game to check you out. You talked about you were going to do something -- you were going to perform at notre dame stadium. Something nobody had ever done. It was like 85,000 people. They all showed up. It was game day. We were going to do this stadium tour game day. Bring your colors. They all came out and had their shamrocks and circle Gs. The gold guys had the gar on their chest. It was great. It was 32 degrees. It was game day. You're packed in and dancing. They're warm. You're just singing. How was that for your voice? 32 degrees. How was that to play in? I hated it. The second you walk out there, you know what your gig is. Springsteen said the walk from the dressing room to the stage is everything. That walk never fails. It was snowing right before. I was like, oh, crap. Walked out. Totally stopped. Everything was flawless. For the next two and a half hours, everybody was having fun. It was cold. You would never know it by the film. Everybody was so sweet. 80,000 voices, I love honky tonks, but I'll take that. Those voices were nice. That was fun. Is it different to perform in front of 85,000 as opposed to 500? The more there are the more we act as one. It's really cool. The more people that are there -- like in central park, you can move to the right side and left side. They'll just do it. They act as one. Their voice becomes one. Things like "Unanswered prayers" -- You know that's my favorite. It comes down to all the lights and then just you break down -- ??? just the other night at a hometown football game ??? Then here comes all these voices. Then they did this thing where there's all the phone lights. There's this shot that comes over the lip of the stadium and right in the middle there's 80,000 lights. They were singing "Unanswered prayers." I'm trying not to cry right now. It was beautiful. I looked out like, wow, whose concert is that? I wish I could go back and be able to do that. That is so cool. I'm so glad you're here. The coolest man in the business. Part three." It's amazing. We'll be right back with Garth brooks. ?????? er Than Bouillon? I just add a spoonful to my marinades... ...To stir frys... ...Sauces... Better Than Bouillon adds this kick of flavor... ...Like an explosion... Boom! ...To chicken, steaks... ...Soups, sides, slow cookers. It's amazing with vegetables. Better Than Bouillon comes in a ton of flavors- chicken, beef... ...Roasted garlic. Just whisk it in... ...Brush it on... ...Saut?? it. It adds a "Cooked all day taste" ...that doesn't take all day. Better Than Bouillon. Don't just make it. 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You get to recount the stories, but you get to hear it from their side. Were you surprised by any stories you heard from anybody else's perspective? That maybe you didn't know. My long-time manager my

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{"duration":"12:34","description":"The country music legend talks about his days as a bouncer and the craziest things that happened on the road. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59294504","title":"Garth Brooks stopped by to serenade the 'GMA Day' hosts","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/garth-brooks-stopped-serenade-gma-day-hosts-59294504"}