Joe La Puma shows us some fresh kicks

The self-proclaimed "sneaker head" explains what makes certain sneakers rare and valuable.
5:50 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for Joe La Puma shows us some fresh kicks
So, our next guest is a certified sneaker head and host of the hit complex web series, "Sneaker shopping." Please welcome Joe la puma. Hi, Joe. How is it going? Good. How is it going? Good, good. I got to ask you, I as a kid, I wore keds to go to school, to play sports, to go to church, now it's this huge phenomenon. Why sneakers? The reselling business is crazy. Young kids are being every night we see Lebron and Russell Westbrook walking through the tunnel with new sneakers. The brands are all competing with marketing campaigns. It's just become such a big mass market. You know, you saw yesterday, Donald glover just signed to Adidas. So all these brands are competing with celebrity endorsers. Okay, I see you brought a few kicks with you today. I want to ask you about these Nikes. How much of these? These are kind of a crazy collaboration with the Japanese luxury label Sakai, and Nike, we this trend of mixing and matching material. You see double tongues. Double swooshes. How does it smell? It smells good. Brand new. They haven't come out yet. How much will they be when they come out? I think they'll be around $200, $250 but they're reselling right now for $1500. So why is it more expensive? There was a small drop overseas, I believe, and people got their hands on a few pairs and it's not like a car where it loses its value when you drive it off the lot. If it's limited you can resell them and make a ton of money -- Even you don't want to wear them? You don't want to wear them. You can't resell them. Either you resell them and make a lot of money. You can't stink them up and resell them. Okay, that makes sense. That make senses. Oh, my gosh. These are crazy. I was going to ask you, I imagine you have an amazing sneaker collection, what is your most expensive pair? Why, what style? I was fortunate I've shot with dj khaled a couple of times. I shot his closet, it has like cathedral-level ceiling. Ton of sneakers. It was for his latest album, the album before the one that's coming out now and he gifted some pairs. I was fortunate to get one and they were going for $30,000. No, they wasn't -- I promise. I promise. $30,000? Crazy. Crazy. It's crazy. You can keep them. From keds growing up to $30,000, so thanks. For sneakers? Yeah. Let me ask you a question, and I'm a sport idiot, who is it recently who was playing basketball and the shoe broke? Zion. What happened to that sneaker brand when something like that happens. It was Nike. You know, they went through a couple of days of bad press. But they flew out to meet with Zion and they fixed, you know, they fixed his kind of specifications and they made new shoes for him. I think it's going to be okay. And I think Nike is going to be fine. You never know with Nike, they might re-create this same shoe. I want the pair that Zion messed up. Yeah. I like walking with the sole flapping underneath. Why are these anything? Come on, you know -- I have these. I love these. So, these are -- this was a tennis shoes in the '70s, Stan Smith was the number one ranked tennis player and it was like a country club shoe. And now in the past, almost eight years to a decade they have kind of gone from the country club to the streets. When warm weather comes around, spring, summer, a lot of people have these in their closet. You can beat them up and they still look great. They're available all year. They're nice, comfortable mom shoes. They're very, cool, too. I want to ask you, I want to test your sneaker knowledge and ask you what pair of shoes I have on and how much you think they are. How much, I don't know. They are the Cortez. He hit it on the head. How much? I don't know. I honestly -- What would you guessed based off of garcon? 600? You're close. 400. By the way, I'm buying them off keke's feet and I'm reselling. That's smart. That's smart. Joe, thank you so much for all your advice. No problem. Be sure to check out Joe on his very complex sneaker shopping. It's available on YouTube. Before I go, though, the Jordan 4s come out in may. The most iconic Jordans ever made. I got you guys -- Wow. Are you kidding me? You're the first ones to have them. Listen, hold on, if they're not your size just resell them. This is so sweet. I love sneakers. I love it. This is incredible.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"The self-proclaimed \"sneaker head\" explains what makes certain sneakers rare and valuable. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62512261","title":"Joe La Puma shows us some fresh kicks","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/joe-la-puma-shows-us-fresh-kicks-62512261"}