Kelsey Grammer talks about a 'Frasier' reboot

Will Frasier Crane be returning to TV soon?
6:36 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for Kelsey Grammer talks about a 'Frasier' reboot
Our next guest played the iconic role of Frasier crane on three different TV shows for 20 years. Tying the record for the longest running television character ever. Now Kelsey Grammer is starring in a brand-new show premiering tomorrow on fox called "Proven innocent." Take a look. Lucia Rincon's confession. She was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning when she gave it. I have a hidden blood test to prove it. Look, I know you all thing I'm the villain in your story. Can I ask you a question? You ever taken the statement of a mother whose child has just been murdered? I have. Ateast a hundred times. You never forget the look in their eyes. The look that says that their lives are now over, too. Please welcome, the great Kelsey Grammer. Come on out, Kelsey. There you go. Hello. Hey. Hey. Hi. Congratulations. Thank you. That's wonderful. Thank you. Hey, my man. Have a seat. Thanks, thanks so much. I love it. You walk out here with a cup of Joe. Well, I thought, let's go out and have some coffee with the kids. Why not? Yes. And you know, thank you for joining us, by the way. It's a pleasure. You are a legend. Oh. Yes, you are a legend. And your name is of course synonymous with Frasier crane. And I'm sure people always hit you up all the time about that character. So I'm going to do it again. Oh, good. Will there be a reboot? Ah, yeah, we're talking about it. Oh, wow. Oh, great. We'll see. It's a -- because it's 20 years later, honestly, I think it's close to 20 years. Um, we didn't want to do the -- continuation of Frasier. We wanted to do a next act for Frasier. We're trying to figure out what that is. He's going to leave Seattle obviously, because he left at the end of the show in the previous incarnation. We're talking about how the world is peopled around him, and what the story line is. And what happened to him after "Frasier" ended and this new sort of chapter would open. We're just kicking it around with some writer. We'll see. When you decide it's a go come here and tell everybody. Thanks, man, I will. Okay. That would be great. We always think of Frasier crane as the corner stone of your career. You played the same character on several shows. Yes, I did. You didn't even, when you first heard Abous," you didn't even really like the show. I didn't like sitcoms, as a rule. I thought they were kind of corny and fake and -- 20 years later. Yeah. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, you know. It's like -- yeah, you know, I was kind of high and mighty. A young actor who thought theater was the end all and be all. I lived here in New York. I arguably had a burgeoning career. A budding career, I guess, as a legit actor. And, um, I just thought, well, this will probably ruin if I do well in it. And it totally did. So. It kind of did. So you were really right. But it did -- I could buy a house instead of justscraping by on my pathetic theater salary. But, it's -- it's -- it's been a great change in my life. It was -- it defined a great deal of my life. There were some goods and bad things that happened as a result of it. I mean, youife is under a microscope. I'm a human being. I made some mistakes in my life. That was never fun to have your sort of -- your idiosyncrasies covered on, you know, national television. That's never a lot of fun. But, you know, so -- there's a kind of interesting thing about it, too. You got no skeletons in your closet. You're completely free. Because there are cameras in your closet. Truth's out. Closet? We didn't go that far. But, yeah. But, I've been there. I can understand that. Yeah, I know. I know. Yeah. You worked on so many shows that people love to binge watch. All your shows are binge-watch worthy. What is something you binge watch? What are you into now? I only watch things that my children watch now. And my children -- the last batch are 6, 4, and 2. Oh, boy, that's scary. It's not a lot of really heady stuff. But -- so we watch -- honestly, YouTube quite a bit. And my daughter has a -- my 6-year-old, Fait thing for, um, um -- um -- minecraft. Oh, the game. Yeah, yeah. So we watch other people sort of play minecraft. Generation watching other people do things? She's picking up tips. Oh, okay. She's absorbing methods. I see it just clock in her brain. It's firing so fast. And all of a sudden, she's on my phone, she's going -- she takes my phone and is going like this. She said to me once. She came up me one day and said, dad, dad, you won't believe what I did today. I built a new world behind my other world. And I thought -- So cute. I'm trying to figure out how to regulate how much of this stuff is good for her. When she says stuff like that to me, I think, that's fantastic. Honey, that's the best news I've ever -- that's amazing. I think there's real virtue in it. It's the wave of the future for our kids. It's -- so I cut her off once in awhile. I say, give me that phone. Get off that pho Finding your way as a parent, there is no guide book ever, and then the world changes. Right when you think you have it figured out, you have to find the narrow path. I never had a dad, really. My granddad died when I was 12. And that was it. I was kind of the only man in my own life. I didn't have a rule book or guidelines for how to father a child until I had my first. I had dinner with her last night. She's 35 now. I'm -- Cat's out the bag, too late. You have seven children. So you got really good at being a father. I actually did get to -- I cut my teeth mostly on my eldest. We go in and out. There's moments when it's contentious. But it's been a great relationship. I met her boyfriend last night. So that's it. Oh. That is -- He's okay. He passed. He passed. We're going to take a break. We're going to come back and talk about your new show, "Proven innocent." A different twist on this show. It's very fitting to what is going on today. Yeah, very cool.

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