Little kids solve big problems

Michael and Sara sit down with children to find out how they'd handle grown-up situations.
3:51 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for Little kids solve big problems
clearly can't fix our problems. So we decided to get some ideas from a fresh group of bold thinkers outside of d.c.'s bubble. Children, yeah much it's a segment we called "Little kids, big problems." Take a look. When it's time to get, like, any politicians, presidents, whatever it may be, we have to have an election, right? Yeah. You understand that? An election. But only about half of Americans vote. How can we get more people to show up to vote and how can we make voting fun? I would say that we make a billion, trillion posters and post them everywhere in America. What about if you voted and then slime came down? No, because I don't want it to get stuck in my hair. I don't want to get my hair messed up and I don't want to chop it off and be bald like you. Let me ask you another question -- I mean, it's bald right here. Starting right out of the gate with the hair. That's my style. One thing that's going on when it comes to the trees and environment and global warming so how can we make the Earth cooler because the Earth is getting hot? First of all, are you serious? Have you been outside today? Not today here. It's freezing here right now. If you were president, tomorrow, what's the first thing you would do? I would probably shut down the schools. Why? Yeah, no more school for us. For good or just like a snow day? For good. Go ahead, shout it out. I think I would buy a lamborghini. I would put a tarp in it and then put slime in it. You would slime a lamborghini? And after that I would buy myself wing man shoes like Lebron James. One of the toughest things when you're an adult is asking your boss for a raise. We need to know how to do that. We're your boss. We're your bosses. So each one of you tell us how you should ask for a raise. Tell us why. We're going to start right here. Go ahead. Me? You got this. Give me money! Oh shoot, maybe not that one. I need to use it to pay for a donation -- really not -- That should be a complete aside so we don't hear it. You're telling us you need it for a donation but you're going to keep the donation for yourself? Yes. How do you like prison? I just really need you to give me a raise. Every day has been so hard for the past five months. Okay, you get it. Very impressed. You're going to dance. Give me the raise back. Give me the raise back. No, my raise. What age should you start dating? He has daughters that are closer to your age. How about you're going to ask his daughter out on a date. You got to talk to me, her father, to ask for permission. Um. What do you want? What's so funny? What's so funny? Nothing. Nothing's funny. Can I go on a date with your daughter? Oh, sure. How should you discipline your kids? You should call the pop on them. Call the pop? Yeah. You're going to call the police on your kids? Yeah. A lot of adults haven't fallen in love yet so how do you guys suggest they find their

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Michael and Sara sit down with children to find out how they'd handle grown-up situations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62629495","title":"Little kids solve big problems","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/kids-solve-big-problems-62629495"}