Michael and Sara's Raleigh restaurant surprise

Gypsy Gilliam took all of her restaurant's employees and families to Disney World, so Michael and Sara wanted to do something special too.
4:33 | 05/14/19

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Transcript for Michael and Sara's Raleigh restaurant surprise
Carolina. That's right. Great city. And we heard gypsy, she's an incredible local restaurant owner who recently treated her entire staff and their families to a trip of a lifetime at Disney world. And once we heard that, we knew that we had to meet this special lady. We got our friends, from our sister station in Raleigh to help us out. They're there at state farm markets restaurant with gypsy and her staff. Hi, John. Barbara, what's going on over there? Hey, Michael and Sara, welcome to Raleigh, north Carolina. We're at the state farmers market restaurant. I'm told this is nothing. On the weekends it's crazy. They are -- let me show you -- they're famous for their homemade buttermilk biscuits and their fried chicken. Which they serve with everything, by the way. I'll wait. I'll wait. This is gypsy, the owner and her employee, Jasmine. They're rubbing it in. Tell you what, you don't have to send us the smell. You could send some of those biscuits. We can pick the smell off the biscuits. We'll have to fight about that. I do have a question for gypsy, amazing what you do for everyone there, why was it so important for you to take your staff on this trip to Disney world? First of all, hey, Michael, hey, Sara. Thanks so much for doing this. I have the best staff in the world here at this restaurant and lot of people don't know that 85% of my employees come through a recovery program here in Raleigh, it's called the healing place. Men and women. And these are people that have had some hard times in their lives, some problems have happened, but they're trying to get back on their feet. They completed the programs and they come here and work with me. These are amazing people. They make this restaurant -- it's not about me. It's about the employees that are here. So, I'm wanting to do something really special to show them how much I appreciate them every single day. And Jasmine, I know that trip had special meaning for you. Why was it so important? Having someone as gypsy, a wonderful boss, she shows her appreciation to us every single one day we found out we were going to Disney and it just brought tears to my eyes. We were able to bring our kids and it was the most amazing blessing. I'm the type of person who doesn't deserve that type of thing for me. So many of us suffered from this type of lifestyle. We couldn't imagine ever having something like this happen for us and our families and just watching our kids enjoying the rides and just, you know, watching the fireworks and meeting all the characters, I mean, that -- that wouldn't have been in my wildest dream. Somebody's crying here. Oh, I'm surprised I'm not crying. That's the magic of Disney. I got to say, John and Barbara, Sara and I are jealous we're not standing right next to such an amazing woman, gypsy. The thing is, we wanted to do something nice for gypsy. But in true fashion she didn't want us to make a big fuss over her. But we wanted to pay for lunch for everybody in the restaurant. Yes. Thank you. I think we handle that. Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please, special announcement. Your lunch is on "Strahan & Sara"! And we also want to encourage everyone to do as gypsy did as an example and pay it forward as you enjoy this grace that gypsy is giving -- pay it forward to someone else today. All right. And I got to say, John, since we're paying for lunch, pack us up some biscuits, man, send them to me. How about? But John, barb, gypsy and Jasmine, we want to thank all of you for joining us. We look forward to highlights your city Raleigh all week long.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Gypsy Gilliam took all of her restaurant's employees and families to Disney World, so Michael and Sara wanted to do something special too. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63031296","title":"Michael and Sara's Raleigh restaurant surprise","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-saras-raleigh-restaurant-surprise-63031296"}