Michael's daughters help him 'Slay That Slang'

Who knows teen-speak better: Michael or Sara? Isabella and Sophia Strahan put them to the test.
5:07 | 05/15/19

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Transcript for Michael's daughters help him 'Slay That Slang'
Callahan has been keeping a list of all the slang words his students use. Well, one of the students posted the list online and it's gone viral. So, Sara and I decided to see how well we know teen slang in a game we call "Slay that slang." To do this, we needed the hostess with the mostess. I brought in the coolest people I know, my daughters. Hi. Go easy on us. Come on. Okay. Okay, so the girls -- you're going say a slang word or phrase. Michael or I will buzz in to try and give you the definition. Now, don't forget, who pays the rent. Okay, okay. Who pays for your food and your education. Plus, you're getting old enough to get a car soon, I'm just sayin'. Anyway, no pressure. No pressure. All right, who's up first? Are you ready for the number one question? Yes. Yes, with are. What does jawn mean? Can you spell it? J-a-w-n. It's misspelling the word "Yawn." I think -- I think jan is -- is yawn. What is it? It means a thing or an object. In place of something you can say "Jawn." We more jawn here because it's so boring. Oh, look at that jawn over there. Okay, go ahead. Sofia, you're up. What are you doing if you take the "L"? Riding the subway. If you take the "L," you take the loss. Just let it go. That's right. Is that right? Come on, I told you, I'm hip daddy. All right. That was luck. Next question, please define clapback? So, someone says something and you clap back, you respond. No, how about this? I'm going to give my definition, too. I say, hey, audience, great to see you today. They're clapping back. They're clapping back. They're clapping back. So, which one? Sara got that one. Okay. All right, 1-1. Okay, if you "Beat your face" -- I'm not done. If you "Beat your face," what are you doing? Your makeup game is on Fleek. That's right. Doesn't he get points take an away for saying on Fleek. Oh, my gosh. You almost got penalized for using on Fleek. Go ahead. Number five, what is gassing? It's not a good thing. It's post-meal crop-dusting. Gassing is like you're pumping somebody up. You're giving them confidence. You're gassing someone up. Feeding someone's ego. That's right. I'm gassing you up right now, Haines. You're doing great. You're doing great, Haines, you're doing great. Ready, number six. What is a snack? A hot guy. Okay, hold on. Or a hot person. A snack, you know what, a snack can be a hot person. It could be food. But I -- I have been called a snack before. So, I know what this is. But to be honest with you, it offends me because I'm a whole meal. That's your father. Anyway, back to the game, how was that? That was the last question. You got it right. Okay, so, how do we determine this? Rory, who do you think our winner is? You guys are the ones who are the allowance is on the line. I feel like you should pick. I won't be offended if you for bake me. That's cool. That's cool. Good game. Good game. Good luck with your education. Hope you find a place to eat

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Who knows teen-speak better: Michael or Sara? Isabella and Sophia Strahan put them to the test.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63057316","title":"Michael's daughters help him 'Slay That Slang'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michaels-daughters-slay-slang-63057316"}